Tuesday, April 12, 2016

817. Our Farmers were right in every way…..!

Our farmers about 5-6 decades back were using Bio-Fertilizers. The Bio-Fertilizers or the organic manure was made from coco peat, cow dung/urine and agricultural waste with the help of earthworms. Our agricultural practises were so deep and strong that every farmer had profound knowledge of his soil and the essential nutrients that his soil required to grow a particular crop depending on the climatic conditions. He knew that if he had to grow leafy vegetables he had to introduce more of Sarajanaka (Nitrogen) to his soil which was available in poultry waste. For root vegetables Ranjaka (Phosphorous) which is got from Rock Phosphate and finally Potash form ash for strengthening the stem. The secondary macro-nutrients Calcium, Magnesium and Sulphur along with micro-nutrients Copper, Iron and Manganese were from the Desi Cow dung and urine. But our farmers were lured to Chemical Fertilizers and pesticides just for better yield.

My country was land of Milk and Honey. Every house had a minimum of four to five Desi Cow and Bull. When the British came to my country they found two most astonishing things namely the Gurukul (Educational system) and the Krishibal (Agriculture strength). Robert Clive the Governor of Bengal made extensive research on the agriculture system and concluded Desi Cow were the basis of Indian agriculture. To break the back of Indian agriculture cows had to be eliminated. He estimated that the number of cows in my country at that time was 3:1 when compared to humans. He also knew that Desi Cow urine and dung were the primary ingredients working as fertilizer as well as pesticides providing nutritious food.

Robert Clive started the first cow slaughter house in 1760 to destabilise agriculture in my country. In the place of Desi Cows the European breed called Jersey cows were introduced to farmers. Truly the Jersey Cows did give more milk compared to our Desi Cows but they ate and drink twice more than our Desi Cow. When we look into the casein protein content our Desi Cow (A2) milk scores better that the Jersey Cow (A1) milk. Now at present the whole world prefers our Desi Cow (A2) milk.

Not only in agriculture sector but in consumable sector also we were a way ahead. We used salt, neem and charcoal to brush our teeth and keep them clean. But they introduced us a toothpaste with fluoride to make our teeth bright. After a few research they found fluoride in tooth paste with fluoride will calcify pineal gland, the Third Eye. Now the famous toothpaste brand says its toothpaste has salt, neem and charcoal. 

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