Wednesday, May 24, 2017

1015. The man drape in the blanket of Human Hair.....!

In a dark jungle a man draped in a blanket made of human hair encounters a young Sadhu (Saint). This was the conversation between them:

The Man: Have you seen God? If no, how foolish would it be for you to make others believe in him?

Saint: Have you ever seen King of this country?

Man: No.

Saint: When you have not seen the King, yet you believe that he exists?

Man: No, we get orders from the King on regular basis, which proves he is there.

Saint: Similarly even we do get orders from God. How do you know that those orders are from King?

Man: Those who deliver the orders of the King are the ones who have actually seen him.

Saint: Similarly there are Rishis who have experienced God and propose the same in scriptures.

Man: I don’t believe in your scriptures they are just doctored to cheat people.

Saint: If I challenge you that King does not exist and it is act of few people to cheat rest of us? Do you agree?

Man: No. How can’t it be, I can take you to the King. Can you take me to your God?

Saint: Yes I can, but you need to experience God.

Man: There is the catch, I can take you to the King and make you see him with your physical eye but I doubt if you can take me to your God.

Saint: Can you show me the King if I say I won’t travel all the way to fort?

Man: No, You will have to come to the fort.

Saint: Even if I enter the fort and do not come to the palace, can you show me the King?

Man: No, You have to come to the King’s palace.

Saint: Even if I come to King’s palace, can I directly get access to King?

Man: No, You will need some sort of recommendation or authority to meet the King.

Saint: Say for example, I somehow get a chance to meet the King, if I close my eyes when he is around, can you show me?

Man: No. You have to keep your eyes wide open to see the King.

Saint: Even after having the glimpse of the King if I say that I don’t believe that he is the King, is there anything you can do?

Man: No, I can only say you are a fool!

Saint: For a ruler of a single kingdom, if you need so much of a procedure to see, what can you say of the ruler of whole universe?

Man: Hmm

Saint: I can make you experience God. But you will have to put effort by performing some Sadhana in order to purify your mind and make it ready to experience God. Only then you can say to others about the experience you had with God. Unlike the King, God is everywhere you need not go outside to get in contact with Him, He is within you. If your mind and conscience is clear you can experience Him present in me as I am experiencing His presence in you now.

The man in the blanket of human hair stood silent though he did not accept the words of the saint. The man was the proponent of materialism and the first Charvaka, named Ajita Kesakambali. 
In Sanskrit, Kesa is hair and Kambali is blanket. 

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