Saturday, May 27, 2017

1017. Life experiences.........!

Life according to our ancient thought is Anubhava Dhara (Flow of Experiences). As an individual if I come in contact with the external world which comprises mostly of matters, I have an experience. If such experiences are pleasant it makes me happy and I would wish that it repeats. On the other hand if the experiences are unpleasant I try to forget them and never wanting it to occur again. Astonishingly though sometimes I do learn the hardest lessons in life from those unpleasant ones. Whatever happens in life is an experience which is inevitable and it doesn’t matter if it is pleasant or unpleasant. Amazingly sometimes I do get involved in some acts without acknowledging the fact that it may bring either pleasant or unpleasant experiences. It is like a trip to the departmental stores.  

I decide to shop at a particular departmental store. I will have made a mental note of what all I need to buy. In any case as I make an entry into the store I invariably recall some additional items to buy. I am greeted by racks of fresh products with the sticker revealing the barcode and the price tag. An overwhelming feeling takes over; a few moments later, I am lost. I am now walking past various aisles like fly trying to navigate its way through a row of lights in a dark place. It does not matter which way I happen to glance or still my gaze, there is more stuff which I feel I should purchase. I end up buying on impulse.

Exactly similar to the purchase i make at the departmental stores is the way I get involved with the experiences of my life. My life experience would have been enchanting if I know exactly what I need and when I need, but then making choices does not cease till my last breath. Like the shopping at the departmental store, the choices I make determine my financial and material outcome only at the checkout time. The more I choose to load in my cart, the more fixed I am. The experiences of life are like those purchases I made, some done thoughtfully while a few are impulsively.

Amazingly just as the cashier who is not interested in the purchases I have made as long as I am paying for it, the world too is not really interested in whatever might be the experience I endure. But regardless of how much I buy I still have to exit and get back home. I may love or hate the store, it is only transient; I must leave eventually. There are no permanent chairs there for me to sit comfortably for long. I am allowed to stay only for a limited period of time, such is the reality of this world too. It is transient, a temporary place and a permanent illusion. This is not my permanent home. I will only feel peaceful when I get back home.

The within is my permanent home, its complete, eternally stashed with all the provisions, it is rich and full of infinite extravagance. No stress, no loading-unloading, no bill payments, no making choices all the time. Whatever I want is available in abundance there........Need to get back HOME!!! 

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