Thursday, November 23, 2017

1129. History a Mirror to the Past….!

History should not be altered it should not enhance the heroism of a historical character nor should it demean anyone. It has to be like a mirror to the past. Every individual be it a King, Queen, General or a Citizen will have a mixed sequence of events in life which could make them good or not so good. History has to just showcase that sequence of events without being judgemental or branding them.

Now some might ask, what is the necessity of history???

There can never be a person who can answer this question as none of us can remain mortal to know how history has abetted society. History is human studies; it is not the same as Chemistry, Physics or Athematic. The works of historians may not be “scientific” as works of other subjects. History has a lot to do with the role of the chronicler; not the rule of a formula. If we can understand it this way, this subject though least precise is the most precious of all human studies.

History is quest to learn about events of the past by studying the inscriptions, relics and artefact’s, etc. This study aids in imbibing the noble qualities that our ancestors had and also help us to be aware of those blunders they committed so that we do not repeat them in our lives.

Why has history become thorn in the flesh in recent days???

Interpretation of history on the lines of majority and minority is dividing the society. If history is understood this way it is like sowing the seed of poison. For example: when we can know from history that Mohammad Gazni and Aurangzeb ransacked temples looted them and also built mosques in the place of an existing temple, why should the minority of this country get offended and think of Gazni Mohammed and Aurangzeb as their own people and heroes??? Here if we look at these two characters of the past from the religion angle, the problem starts. This idea of looking at the history from the religion angle is for political benefits and this trend will not last long. With the advent of social networking the information of events from the past history is available. Yes, the authenticity though is debatable. 

There is a Shubhashita, “Vade Vade Jayate Tattvabodha” (Through continuous debate alone does one arrive at the Truth). Whether they are minority or majority, if they do not have the magnanimity to debate with emotional maturity and analyse then, such information is meaningless and also dangerous.

Historians are not new to us but their ways of projecting the events of history in recent times has made us deter from history. Suta Puranika was the first historian who kept tab of all the events that happened and recited it to Rishi Saunaka which later on were compiled by Bhagavan Vyasadeva and called it Puranas. Even in those literatures  there were “Suras” and “Asuras” but we never had problem with those characters we even recite the “Shiva Thandava Stotra” composed by Ravana. It is only in the recent times that we have people who have started adoring Ravana, Karna, Mahishasura and Mahabali. It is not the question of who adores whom but the concern is distorting the history. 

Let us take the example of “Maveli” (Onapattu) by Sahodaran Ayyappan, the social reformer, thinker, rationalist, journalist and politician from Kerala. For more than centuries the people from the “God Own Country” had revered Maha Bali for his able administration and welcome him with festivity every year on Onam day. I do not understand why the rationalist Sahodaran Ayyappan (normally rationalists do not approve Hindu puranas) had to write a song praising the King Bali and call him a Buddhist??? How can Maha Bali be a Buddhist when Buddha Avatara was after Vamana??? Was it to intimidate the Brahmins over Vamana’s Brahmanattva???  

This is what is called Distorting History with an hidden agenda behind it. 

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