Thursday, December 21, 2017

1140. Finger Prints the barcode of humans.....!

Hasta Rekha is a part of Samudrika Shastra. We need to know what Samudrika Shastra is all about. At the time of Pralaya (Cosmic Deluge) Sriman Narayana in the form of Bala Mukunda (He is now Mukunda, as he had conferred Mukti to all- “Muktim Dadati Iti Mukundah”) goes into Yoganidra (Cosmic Slumber) on Vatapatra (Fig Leaf). This Vatapatra is His Concert Maha Lakshmi. While floating on Pralayajala (Waters of Cosmic Deluge) with the entire universe and its beings in His tiny stomach, He contemplates on the creation once again. Meanwhile the Samudra, the Ocean God looks at the Mangala Lakshana (Auspicious Signs) in the body of Bala Mukunda and makes a complied list of them; this became “Samudrika Shastra” of which Hasta Rekha (Finger Prints) is one of them.   

Most of the living beings except for human beings have similar looks as in their lot. We humans have different facial features in the appearance and colour making it simple to recognise aiming at easy identification of individuals based upon differences in their facial structures. Yet there is one more trait in us which can make us different distinctively and that is in Hasta Rekha. Hasta Rekha is like the bar code in humans and it is the Aadhar (Basis) in our Aadhar Card.

Samudrika Shastra throws light on the body structure and how one individual is different from his counterpart. Hasta Rekha relates to the study of marks found on the human hand like how it is done in modern Dermatoglyphics and Chiromancy. The hand is considered more expressive than the face, thus it is said that Hasta is a Darpana (Mirror) that reflects the nature and fortune.

I am not interested in knowing the fortune but if the lines on the palm could reveal the nature of a person it is quite interesting. The modern science too agrees that no two finger prints can be same and they are distinctive. It is said that Maharshi Agsthya used the Hasta Rekha as referral to study the Naadi Shastra. Naadi Shastra is an ancient astrology which has been composed by Maharishis (Sages) using their spiritual powers by awakening their sixth sense. With the help of divine guidance those Sages created records of everyone’s past on palm leaves categorised by thier Hasta Rekha. The language inscribed on these palm leaves is old poetic Tamil and is understandable to very few who are well versed in the art of Naadi reading.    

A Naadi reader takes the thumb impression (Male - Right Hand, Female - Left Hand). Every impression can be classified into a particular category and the leaves are categorized in bundles based on the thumb imprint categories. They say that for a particular thumb impression there could be several bundles each containing many leaves. Once the bundle matching the thumb imprint is found, the Naadi reader reads each leaf present in the bundle. The Naadi reader will not have any details about person, he only reads out only what is written on the leaves as he can read that language. One by one the Naadi reader take up several leaves asking the  person to verify basic facts like the date of birth, place of birth, occupation, health details, etc.

I prefer my unique Hasta Rekha to be my identity than my life indicator….

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