Sunday, December 24, 2017

1143. Merry Christmas!!!

"There was a sadhu called Issa Masih born in a cowshed. He performed many amazing miracles like curing a leper, walking on water and gave a insightful sermon on a mountain". This is what we were told by our elders a decade or two back about the founder of Christianity. It was so nice to hear about Jesus Christ and know about his life.

We Hindus did not really see Christ as a Christian at all. As a matter of fact even Christ didn't either, because the term wasn't used during his lifetime. In Hindu thought, church or temple membership or belief is not as significant as spiritual practice, which in Sanskrit is called Sadhana. As there is no membership in Hinduism everyone holds their own spiritual and philosophical opinions. Hence it is impossible to dig into ones spiritual state simply by knowing his religious practices. Here it is common to hear someone ask, "What is your Sadhana?" Instead of "Whom do you believe?" Spirituality among a practicing Hindu can be felt in the way he behaves and relates to others. He is humble, tolerant, non-violent and accommodates all. By the control over the mind and senses, a Hindu is aware of others' rights to live a life o their wish and are willing to give up their comforts to make others comfortable.

These traits in Hindus has been misused by the Radical Christian Missionaries who want just to increase the number of believers of Christ. In the name of Jesus they have targeted our Girijana (Mountain Dwellers) by luring them with money and material. They have adopted all the Hindu religious practices, they have "Jesus Gayatri Mantra" "Jesus Sahasranama" and "Jesus Namavalli" to go with images of Jesus with Vel (spear) as seen with Murugan. Off late we find Dwajastambha in front of Church. 

These radicals do all this in the name of Christ who was a simple lover of Absolute. Do they need to do all this in the name of Christ??? We Hindus do not mind if these radical celebrate our festivals or not but we do join in celebrating the Birth of Christ. But sometimes the Radical Christian Missionaries poke their nose in commenting on Hindu festivals and Hindu Deities which need to be condemned. We do not want them to adore Hindu Deities or participate in Hindu festivals but they need to respect our tradition and culture.

No conversion in the name of Christ.....!

Merry Christmas!!!

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