Tuesday, May 22, 2018

1154. Inspire or Control.....!

Prerana (Inspiration) and Niyantrana (Control) are two actions which have the same result but have different approach. A person who is transparent, selfless and resourceful can influence others and the one who has status, money and power can have others in control. Prerana is the accomplishment that motivates the receiving party and Niyantrana is the act of exploitation towards the receiving party. Influence can encourage others even without position; to inflict fear control has to have a position or status. A personality that can influence others is human-friendly while the controlling personality takes refuge in terror tactics. Those who conduct on controlling can gain upper hand over those who influence.

In Mahabharata the sons of Pandu were great inspiration to their subjects but the sons of Dritarashtra were controlling them. The ability to inspire by Pandavas was the trait which was like the thorn in the flesh for Duryodhana so he threw them out of Hastinapura by manipulating.  In Gokula Sri Krishna the inspired people of Brundavana as he moved around even when He was not a ruler. He was neither King nor the commander of the Yadavas, yet He was the most inspirational personality among Yadavas. His influence had earned him the affection of those people which He would not lose.

Kamsa, the ruler of the Vrishni Kingdom had the power of position by controlling his people. Therefore he was always worried about losing control and had Chanura and Mushthika to create fear. The guarantee of position got by control has the fear of losing it, and when it is lost, it gives rise to anxiety and insanity.

It is better to be inspiration to people than have control over them and always fear of losing the power which leads to creating madness for oneself and others. Pandavas were exiled after grabbing their Kingdom but never did they lose the art of inspiring others. Kauravas enjoyed the power but had inspired none in their entire life. Eventually, they lost power too so whatever control they did have due to their status and power was also lost in war. Whatever power the Pandavas had, they used it wisely to increase the ability to inspire others always. When they lost everything in the Game of Dice, they still held the wealth of inspiring others.

We have to choose wisely, so that we can rise above easily even when our position is taken away, instead of succumbing to madness. Pandavas lost power several times but they came out victorious. Kauravas were anxiety stricken even by the thought of losing power. So they were controlled by their own fear and had no time and interest to inspiring anyone else positively. 

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