Saturday, May 26, 2018

1156. Power-Hungry....!!!

“My son alone should be the ruler” this is how every selfish father would think. The welfare of the citizens is never the concern, only the name and fame of the dynasty becomes imperious. This has led to disaster time and again. A father who is blinded by the love for his son will never see if his son is worthy enough to be the leader, he just wants to see him ascend the throne. His progeny clinging to power will be the only wish and will do anything to let the power remain within his dynasty. The hunger for power and love for dynastic rule is deadly combination. It takes the sense out of the individual and drives him to restore to the most unethical and illegal methods. If this attitude is nurtured it develops hatred towards the rival. The hatred is so much that the individual can go to any extent to stop his rival from gaining power, even after knowing that his rival is better than him. This is the point where the love for dynasty takes a back seat temporarily to counter the rival. The hate towards the rival for a while subdues the love for dynasty. 

Ashwattama, the son of Dronacharya wanted to take revenge on Pandavas after the entire Kuru Dynasty was wiped off in the Kurukshetra war. In haste he hurled the mighty “Brahmastra” as a counter to that Arjuna too shot the “Brahmastra”. The collusion of the two mighty weapons would be disastrous to mankind and hence Bhagwan Vyasadeva requested both Ashwattama and Arjuna to retrieve the weapons. Brahmastra is a Shastra (Weapon) which is used with a particular mantra; the mantra is the code to the weapon and with the mantra a Shastra becomes Astra. As there is a mantra to initiate an Astra there is a mantra to abate it too. Arjuna and Ashwattama both recited the mantra to subdue the weapon. While Arjuna was successful Ashwattama failed. 

Even after knowing about the mantra to abate why did Ashwattama fail to control the Brahmastra??? 

After the Kurukshetra war Duryodhana with the broken thigh is lying in the battlefield. The rage of revenge is not yet doused. Ashwattama one of the survivors approached him and asked him about the next course of action. Duryodhana asks him to ensure that the entire clan of Pandavas was eliminated. He did not wish Pandavas to rule Hastinapura. With the entire Kuru Dynasty and its well-wishers killed in the war it was only Pandavas who could rule Hastinapura as per Raja Dharma. The question was who would rule Hastinapura if the entire clan of Pandavas were eliminated. The hatred towards Pandavas made Duryodhana lose his sense and request Ashwattama to procreate children with his wife so that they can rule Hastinapura. 

Ashwattama who was a Brahmachari for his entire life did not object to the proposal which was against Dharma. This became the reason for him to not retrieve the Brahmastra. This incidence from the life of Duryodhana tells us that the mind-set to cling to power which he had obtained as an asset from his father Dritharashtra. This mindset had made him stoop so low that he never imagined how his wife Bhanumathi would have felt if Ashwattama had approached her asking her to co-operate with him to beget children. The hatred towards others pulls an individual to think as a criminal and behave like a beast.

That is what being Power-Hungry is all about!!!!  

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