Thursday, July 19, 2018

1179. Economics of Livelihood.....

There is abundance in resource and our requirement is adequate. Yet there is chaos in managing the abundant resource, why??? The rich and poor gap is widening and all the efforts to bring in equality have failed. In the early seventies the then government brought in the land reforms and declared “tiller is the owner of the land” in the process it distributed poverty among the haves instead of uplifting the have nots. The communist thought too did not make the living better. Is there a solution to this???

According to our ancients there are different Vritti (Livelihood) which we adopt. The difference in the livelihood we adopt causes the imbalance in managing the resource. Understandably it is impossible for everyone to follow a similar kind of livelihood. Our livelihood depends on many parameters for some it will be subjected to how much they earn, while for a few it will be entirely on their taste and some have their livelihood to their whims and fancies.

The different Vritti which our ancients observed are in a way to help us understand the present scenario. Every human being has a unique thought process and it varies not only among different individuals but also among siblings. The way we earn and spend is equated to the vrittis described and it has to be noted that there is no hierarchy in it.

First and most commonly used is the Madhukara Vritti (Bee’s Livelihood). Madhukara in Sanskrit is a Honey-Bee. Honey-bees fly from one flower to another flower collecting nectar and deposits in its hive for the future. But one fine day it is relished by someone else. In the process of amassing wealth the one who has hoarded will never enjoy it. This Madhukara Vritti when adopted in spiritual life it is the best. One can go about collecting knowledge and then compile them in a book adding their own experience in acquiring that knowledge so that others can make use of it.

Then there is this Pashavika Vritti (Beast’s Livelihood). Pashu in Sanskrit is Beast. A lion hunts down a huge elephant but doesn’t consume the whole its leftover is for the scavengers. A few not only work hard and earn so much that after enjoying it they leave it for others to flich on it.

Next is Ajgara Vritti (Python’s Livelihood). Ajagara in Sanskrit is Constrictor. A python devour its prey whole without leaving anything for others and also it goes into hibernation for some time. Likewise a few work hard for a few days and earn well and spend the entire earnings and then take rest for a few days.

Dhenu Vritti (Cow’s Livelihood) is one more. Dhenu in Sanskrit is Cow. Cow munches on the grass only to its stomach full and will not consume more than required. There are a few who are contented with what they earn and their earning is consistent.

Silonchana Vritti (Grain Collectors Livelihood) Grain collectors are birds which peck on the fallen grains from the crop in the fields. These are individuals who work as daily wages and are always contented.

Now, the rarest of them all Salina Vritti (Modest Livelihood) Salina is one who is modest. He does not worry about is earnings he only knows to work and keeps a strong feeling that his stomach will be filled.

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