Friday, July 27, 2018

1183. Eclipse.....!

Grahana (Eclipse) was supposed to be to Surya (Sun) and Chandra (Moon) but when we were young, Grahana had us too in its grasps. There was a set of Do’s and Don’ts’s to be followed before, during and after the eclipse period. As we were in an agrahara (Brahmin settlement) the rules that had to be followed was even stricter. But one thing that was fascinating was that everyone was in a relaxed mood as nobody was supposed to eat anything during the eclipse period. The last meal had to be taken at least 2 hours before the start of the eclipse so there was no kitchen work till the end of eclipse. We could find the women folk sitting together and tlaking to each other. It was confirmed that there is no leftover in the kitchen. Water, milk, curds and pickles were protected from the harsh rays by putting a piece of Dhurva grass in it.
We were not allowed to have the glimpse of the eclipse. Our elders warned us not to venture outside. Out of curiosity the middle aged members of our family would darken the glass pieces with the soot from the oil lamp to view the Sun through this darkened portion of the glass. Lunar eclipse too was not advised for viewing. If there happened to be a pregnant member in a family then it was a big issue. Pregnant lady was asked to literally hidden in a dark room closing the doors and making sure that even a small hole or crack in a window or door was plugged.
Remembering those days make me feel how concerned our elders were towards a pregnant member. Today we have technology which brings the eclipse live at our drawing room. In fact the whole discussion on this eclipse started a few days back in almost every channel. What irritated me is that every programme on this celestial event that could have been a wonderful event was overshadowed to create fear.
Astrologers started reading out the list of Rashis (Zodiac Sign) that are to be affected due to this eclipse and provided the remedies for that. Astronomers created a flutter with words like Jala Pralaya (Water Deluge) and Prakruti Vikopa (Nature Disturbance). As it is we have overflowing rivers and streets, these words bring in anxiety and unease. Understood that the Television Channels want to increase their Television Rating Point but they could have done that with nice informative topics on this celestial event. This is my view.
There is nothing that can happen which we don’t deserve, so even if there is eclipse or not, rains does happen and if rains are abundant the rivers and streets do overflow.
Finally for the sake of keeping the mind (Chandra is Manokara you see) away from these dangerous news, I request my friends to chant this Chandra Gayatri and experience the Chandra Grahana (if it is not cloudy).
Om Kshira Putraya Vidmahe
Amruta Tattvaya Dhimahi
Tanno Chandrah Prachodayaat.
(Om. Let us meditate on the glorious Son of Milk, the glowing Moon. May that Chandra, the essence of nectar, inspire and illumine our Mind and Intellect)

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