Friday, April 5, 2019

1256. Human Values First....!

In every religion there are a set of Do’s and Don’ts recommended to the seeker who is on the path to Truth. They are termed as “rituals” and the main reason for introducing it was to bring in some sense of discipline in the seeker. In almost all religions there are some specific rituals that need to be practiced. There is a specific method and guidelines insisted in religion to attain values which is called Dharmika Mulya (Religious Values). In a way rituals were tools used to maintain and reaffirm culture when it would otherwise be destroyed by the inevitable disorder and conflict that all societies have. Rituals are ingrained in traditions and following them is like respecting the traditions passed through cultures, ethnicity, and religious beliefs.

Every distinct ritual from every distinct religion is an external symbol to mould the moral values in a seeker. Without moral values even if one is following the traditional values he cannot tread the path of Spirituality. The purpose of every religion is to get the knowledge of the true self and there are different methods to get that knowledge. The religions have devised on specific method or rituals to gain that knowledge, depending upon the geographical and life-style constraints. These rituals uplift the religious values of the individual. This Dharmika Mulya (Religious Values) was designed as a sheath on Manaviya Mulya (Human Values). Human values are also Spiritual Values.

The religious values can be attained either by the knowledge of scriptures or ritual worship or devotional service. A seeker who is knowledgeable do not require any ritual worship if he study scriptures, contemplation on them and follow them. It is not possible for everybody to study scripture and comprehend them, for such individuals ritualistic worship were constituted to get the benefit and replicate them. Those persons for whom ritual worship also seem tough, they have option to indulge in devotional service.

The study of the scripture becomes worthless without implementing that which is learnt. The devotional services are useless without understanding its real purpose. The ritual worship is hopeless without human values though one performs keeping religious values intact.

Upholding human values is the door to spirituality not being religious. There is no need to study scripture, nor indulge in devotional service, or perform ritual worship if one has human values in him, it purifies self and open up the door of Spirituality. It is always benefit to pay attention to Human Values rather than Religious Values.

In a military parade it is mandatory for everyone present there to stand up in respect when the National Anthem is played. In fact it is a daily ritual for a soldier to stand in attention with the hand near right eyebrow palm facing downward. Suppose you are a soldier attending a parade and you are in a march past team. After the march past session at the end of the event if the National Anthem is playing and your neighbour has sunstroke and faints, do you follow the ritual of standing still or help him thinking human values are more important than rituals.  

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