Tuesday, March 10, 2015

689. The very nature of Atma is Ananda…………..


According to scriptures Atma is always at Bliss. This Atma which we are referring is the source for our Consciousness and is called Witness Consciousness. But for the Jeevatma which is the Individual Consciousness, Bliss is made to be a distant reality by our Mind which is always unsatisfied and restless. Mind is both a boon and bane for us to be a witness and thus experience Bliss. Ananda is the very nature of Atma. If we find a person who is sad we ask him the reason for being sad as it is not the nature of humans.

Mind does have a role to play let us understand by looking at the mental state of a Jnani (Enlightened Soul). Very often a Jnani is compared to an Infant, or to a Lunatic or to an intoxicated person. But are the three states similar to that of a Jnani??? If so how???? 

Infant is not much dependent. It is engrossed in playing with toys and when it feels hungry it cries and its mother feeds it and then it is all Bliss. Its Mind is free from likes and dislikes and is ready to accept any kind of situation. With all these qualities there is innocence in it which is the pinnacle. Its Mind does not have to worry of the past, present or future since it is assured that its mother is present. With such a free, innocent, trusting mind the infant is naturally at Bliss always. A Jnani like an infant keeps his trust in Absolute, and is ready to accept what is in store for him in his Prarabdha Karma.  

Lunatic on the other hand is unaware of what is happening around him and is totally unmindful of any kind of mental contract with him and the world. As his Mind has no contact with the world he is blissfully happy in his own world and also exhibits it. This Bliss he is experiencing arises out of his Self being centered with his own mind and not being aware of anything else. This psychological disability to grasp the world and its state of affairs helps him from getting liked or dislike to the situation that usually a common man might experience. Exactly in the same way a Jnani will not get attached to the state of affairs even if involved like the water on the Lotus leaf.   

For an Intoxicated person mind becomes light and is revealed of its burdens. The Mind is not active it is numbed for the period of his intoxication so there is no question of his worries or problems. In this condition there is no chance of the problem to surface in his Mind, so he has his mind in temporary Bliss state. 

Then is it good to be a drunkard? Alcoholism is just an escape route for a certain period not for ever. The problem resurfaces again once the intoxication is wane out. There is no permanent solution and moreover the vehicle of his soul that is his body gets damaged. A Jnani gets intoxicated by chanting the name of the Absolute which puts out the worries and totally destroys the Doer-ship. He has insight-fully understood that he is not the Body or the Mind but is Atma which is infinite storehouse of Ananda. He is aware that happiness is neither to be found in objects outside nor it is a state of mind, because Ananda is in HIM and he is IT.

Lord Krishna tells Arjuna, “Prajahati yada kaman sarvan partha manogatan Atmanieva Atmana tushtah Sithitaprajnah tada uchyate 

meaning -- when an individual completely casts off all the desires of the Mind, and is satisfied in the Self (Jeevatma-Individaul Consciousness) by the Self (Sakshi-Witness Consciousness), then he is said to have steadfast wisdom.

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