Tuesday, March 10, 2015

688. Is Perfection only a Perception??????


Perfection is not a word that we should restrain from using. Every action we do is aimed at finishing it perfectly, if I set myself a goal and achieved it in the best way then that is perfection. Though the same job could appear to be a shabby to some one else, it doesn't matter. Every one can have a chance to be perfect. Aiming for perfection stretches my abilities to be in the best way it probably can be.

Everybody in this world would want to listen from others that they are perfect in so and so field. In the positive sense I thrive hard just to be perfect. It is a good attitude because I will be working harder till the end because I will never be satisfied with what I have done and just for perfection I will aim at working a little more hard and hard. This is because nobody knows what perfect is. 

Perfection is a very funny thing because the more I aim for it the more elusive it seems to be. For example, let's say I am aiming at doing something at the absolute best and I perfect it according to my standard but as soon as I have accomplished that it ceases to be perfection and something else appears ahead that I intend to aim for the very same perfection again. So it is just a magical word that pushes me to do my best if I take it in positive sense.  

If perfection is a positive trait why is it got a bad reputation? Why is it considered to be a myth?

This word perfection has a negative tinge when I look for it in others. Perfection is a tool for self-evolution, but a bad yardstick to count on others. Accepting others as they are and thriving for perfection is what a wise man does.

Once an intelligent, attractive, self-sufficient woman in her late thirties decided that she wanted to settle down and find a man to share the next part of her life. She searched for a perfect man in her field. She met a perfect man at a party.  He was handsome and well spoken. But after only a short time of interacting with him, she broke things off. “We just didn't share the same views,” she said. So she continued her search and very soon she met another guy in a flight.  He was an entrepreneur who owned a successful business. And she learned, during the course of their interaction that not only did they share the same views; he could also make her laugh for hours. “But I just wasn't emotionally attracted to him,” she said and drop that choice and continued the search. 

Some days later she was introduced to a doctor by her friend. “He will be your perfect match.” her friend suggested. “But we didn't hang in the same social circle, and his career consumed too much of his time,” she said. So she cut things off and continued on her search. Finally, at a corporate business conference, she met the perfect man.  He possessed every quality she had been searching for he was intelligent, handsome jovial, similar social circles, and a strong emotional connection – perfect. She was ready to spend the rest of her life with him. But unfortunately, he was looking for the perfect woman, which according to him she did not match. 

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