Saturday, December 5, 2015

760. Is Greed Good?????

“Greed is Good” says Michael Douglas while playing the role of Gordon Gekko in the movie Wall Street. This thought is widely welcomed by those who appreciate capitalism. Here whoever put up thumbs up sign for the statement look at it from Self-Interest point of view.  Some say that this thought is better than having a selfish attitude. But we have observed that which starts as Self-Interest due to need will make an individual to be Selfish due to greed. This is the harsh reality which every one of us has to accept.

Greed is greed whether it is for need or otherwise. Some of us accept and agree to “Need based Greed” as a supportive catalyst to Self-Interest drive but start to hate when it grows and become “Greed based Need.” Greed is not good immaterial of need or otherwise as it hurts the basic fabric of the society called Wellness. Greed is seeking butter at the expense of others persons bread. Capitalism is based on this theory called Self Interest.   

Once there a salesman who travelled from one locality to other selling his product. He used to take rest under a tree everyday one day while he was sitting under the tree he saw a gentleman with hand held power hacksaw. He saw him cut the tree and the next day there was a shelter made with the wood cut from the tree. When the salesman wanted to sit under the shelter, the man who constructed it demands money. Now let’s analyse at this scenario. The salesman was taking shelter under the tree for free and a capitalist person cuts off the tree and uses the wood to build a shelter and puts a price tag for the cool shade. This is how a capitalist mind works. Yes it was the self-interest of the person who constructed the shelter but then was not the cool shade available free for the salesman before the shelter came into existence???

Further this self-interest attitude of the capitalist has made them think one needs to make hay when sun shines. This making of hay while sun shines is also taken to the extreme. Unfortunately the extremity is experienced by those who become a victim of the situation, while for others it seems to be an act of Self-Interest. The recent havoc caused by rain across the city of Chennai some sold the essential commodities like milk and water at exorbitant prices. One litre packet of milk was sold for Rs.100 in some places while vegetables like tomato and beans were being sold at Rs.80 to Rs.90 per kg. The price of mineral water also hit the roof with a 20 litre bottle being sold for Rs.150 per bottle.

While a large section of the society is contributing liberally for the devastation and help pouring in from all parts of the country a few have taken this situation to fan their Self-Interest. How right is it to rob a brother by branding it as Self-Interest is the question? If Self-Interest is to be given prominence then are those who contributing liberally for the cause fools??? ……..just think…..what are we humans up to??? 

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