Thursday, December 17, 2015

763.This is my HEART…….. Spiritual one!!!

Heart, the most important organ of my body is where the source of my existence flourishes on. Anatomically it is a blood pumping device to supply oxygen and nutrients to tissues and help remove carbon dioxide from my body. It is observed that my heart has electromagnetic field 5,000 times stronger than that of my brain. 

Is my heart just an organ like any other in my body???

No, feelings are my heart based experiences. Feelings are the union of my thoughts and my emotions. My heart is the epicentre for love, care, appreciation and compassion. Feelings of love, care, appreciation and compassion enhance the secretion of DHEA hormone in the adrenal glands. This hormone induces the “Josh” (Zeal) in me. Just a few moments of these feelings bring good health to me for the whole day. This good health keeps the rhythm of life called “Heart Beat” stable.  

The Electromagnetic field generated by every single heart beat communicates with that of my brain. When they both get coupled there is mental clarity and I receive more divine intuitions. This divine intuition induces “Hosh” (Awareness) in me. By intentionally engaging sincere heart feelings like love, care, appreciation and compassion, I do generate a clear heart beat rhythm pattern. The clearer the pattern is, the more receptive I become to this intuitions.

Divine intuition is a bridge that provides the transfer of knowledge and wisdom from what is to how I perceive. This is called “Living by the Spiritual Heart” by the dwellers of Himalayas. The moment I start living by the spiritual heart I am more assessable to intuitions and I am in a position to make better choice and take great decisions in life.  

These intuitions get clearer when I listen deeply to my heart. That unstuck sound vibrates each time the electromagnetic field is created. This helps me interpret messages I receive from the heart so that I can gain the deep perception needed to effectively manage my emotions. There are occasions where I fall prey to reactive emotions when I fail to get guided by the heart instead take the decision from my brain. And even so know that is also a driving force for me to see that I do not ignore my heart the next time. After all my heart was formed before my brain came into existence.  

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