Monday, December 7, 2015

761. Desire: from countless to ONE……..

It is quite natural for a human to desire what he is lacking. Human desire is unending, some say, looking at the countless desire one possess. Desire could be categorised as many, for example if one has to sate his hunger or quench his thirst it is taking care of the physical desire. To have a cosy companion is due to the emotional desire. Curious to know about unknown is owing to intellectual desire. If one tries to resist the physical, emotional and intellectual desire then his life cease to exist.

Sometimes a desire to have something would be resonating for the others people’s desire to be fulfilled. A farmer may desire to grow paddy though for financial gains but in a way he could be fulfilling the desire of many to feed on. Our culture in general and economy in particular thrive on desire of those things which we do not have. Kama, the desire which is one of the four Purusharthas (objectives of living) constitutes the true wealth of humanity. Sanatana Dharma has never considered desire a taboo, though it has cautioned the seeker to be aware of the consequences of the results obtained of that desire.     
Majority of us are born with countless desires. These countless desires are too many to pursue with conviction or dedication. While some ventures are successful because of the convictions there are few task undertaken without conviction. Any work done without dedication does not yield success in any field. So the expected result often swings from positive to negative making our life emotionally unstable. The emotions go up and down making us upset easily and calming us down quickly. None of these emotional situations stay very long, however; one of the great advantages of this is that we are never upset for very long because the things that upset us are not important. But neither are our satisfactions important nor enduring. Nothing lasts long, because nothing matters much. It is just living a living for the sake of living.

Further there are some people who are born with few desires. They are the one who lead what is considered successful and meaningful lives. No matter what field of endeavour they choose, they manage to accomplish at least modest goals, because they are able to focus on only some desires very passionately. They are not distracted with too many desires and are not upset as they take up one desire at a time to fulfil. They are not encompassed by the time frame for their desires to be fulfilled.  

Finally there are a fortunate few individuals who have only one desire. They go on to be called geniuses like we see many proficient scientists, great musicians and mesmerising poets and adorable public leaders. They have one and only one desire to ride on and they stamp their mark in whatever fields they are committed to with devotion.

To sum it up we have to move from having countless desires to few and from there to having one. This movement is transcending from emotion to passion to devotion. The journey from emotion to devotion will let us discover who we really are, and what really matters to us…….Am I right???

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