Tuesday, January 5, 2016

765. Love is Universal.....

“I love my husband a lot but I can’t stand my mother-in-law” says a young woman. With such a thought, will there be peace and harmony in a family. Will the young woman’s husband be happy to be with a person having such thinking? How can a person love a person and can’t stand another unless he is infatuated by the person whom he thinks he loves. It is like saying I love that red rose but I don’t like the thorn. One has to admit that the love for the red rose is only because the thorns in it did not allow the cattle to gulp the flower. Can there be a rose without thorns? Yes rose is good but that flower would not be without the plant and the plant would not be without the soil.   

All aspects of love can coexist with the personality. With that personality the identity is maintained. There is one aspect of love where the personality and identity loses its ground that is called Universal Love or Divine Love. When our being-ness manifests as Universal Love the identity vanishes and there is no personality. It is this love that spiritual gurus refer to when they say that as long as there is ego, there is no love. They are talking about the Universal Love.

Love is a universal feel it is an expression of the harmony of the totality. Nothing is excluded as everything is in harmony with everything else. It is a unification of all aspects of the essence. When I experience Universal Love I do understand the action of love as well. Love in action is when I am gentle when gentleness is required or compassionate when being compassionate is the need of the minute or to yield when yielding becomes necessary. In total whatever emotions are required it is present and most importantly in correct balance depending on the situation. That is Sama Bhava (Balanced Emotion).

Off late we have seen a few political leaders talking about serving their community and pleading their life for the up-liftment of their particular community. With the lack of Universal Love we have confined to colonisation and the unity of my country has received a blow. My country was practicing Sama Bhava there was never “divide and rule” policy here. We had the thought of Sarva Dharma Sama Bhav (Equal respect to all Religion). We had no differences even though our ideologies and philosophies had difference in opinion. Earlier a family was united and the neighbourhood was united and the locality was united and the region was united and province was united and the whole nation stood united.

Unfortunately now there is no unity in a family and the talk on Universal Love is too big if there is no love among the family members……What say???

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