Saturday, January 30, 2016

771. Is It Correct To Blame God for Everything???

The western thoughts have made us to believe that if anything good happens we need to praise the Lord. In the same lines the atheist questions if the Lord is praised for the good is it not logical to blame the same Lord for the bad that is happening?

True, theoretically it is right. If the team leader is appreciated for the successful completion of the project, he will be blamed for anything that goes wrong. This is the thought that prevails in corporate world. So the praise and blame is just the use of the words to vent out the emotions.   

What does the Sanatana Dharma say about this?

A firm believer of Karma Siddantha will neither attribute the Good or Bad to Absolute. Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi in his Upadesha Saram starts thus:

   “Karthuragnayaa Prapyathe Phalam”
Actions yield fruits, for so the Creator ordains it.

Further goes on to say:

   “Karma Kim Param Karma Tad Jadam”
How can Actions which are inert be beyond limits?

Here it is clear that the actions we perform will yield resultant fruits, and Absolute is just the conferrer of those resultant fruits.

We could understand this with an example; let’s suppose I, Sreeram Manoj Kumar am organising a football match between the two localities in my vicinity. I ask for the participants from the respective localities to take part. 

Firstly, I will not let an ace cricketer or a Kabbadi player to take part if he has not played football at all. Only if the player is knowledgeable to play football game I ask them to be a part of the game.

Secondly, I am just an organiser who wants to encourage the football players and would love to see them excel. What they do on the ground is entirely their prerogative.  

Thirdly, as soon as the coin is tossed and one player reads it correctly the opportunity to kick the ball is provided, I as an organiser have to sit and watch the game. I cannot decide who has to kick the ball first.    

There could be False Start, Offside, Holding, Pass Interference, Facemask, Intentional Grounding and Roughing to which as an organiser I do not have any say. My only interest is to watch which team performs better.

I am not entitled for the praise if there is a goal scored or take the blame for a missed penalty kick. I am just an organiser. Amazingly (in the lighter vein) some of the spectators will never who this Sreeram Manoj Kumar, the organiser is, to blame him.    

Now imagine what position the Absolute would be. He has just let us, the players to play the game of life. It was our choice to play it. Absolute never ever wanted or force us to play in the same way as Sreeram Manoj Kumar, the organiser I would not let players of other game into the football match. He just wants us to excel and is not at all intervening in the moves we make. Just as the center-back could fail at making the ball sail into the post there could be failure in the game of life to which neither Organiser of the football game nor the Absolute could be held responsible respectively.          

I am sole responsible for my destiny. Though it would be a good gesture to attribute whatever success I experience to others, it would be my stupidity to entrust my failure on others. And moreover a person who understands Karma Siddantha will never get entangled in the success failure debate, he just does what he needs to do and move on……What say???       

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