Tuesday, October 18, 2016

881. Artificial Intelligence or Natural Stupidity???

One of my cousins shared this write-up on whatsApp “Prediction of the future by Robert Goldman”. Dr. Robert M Goldman is an American and founder of A4M (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine). That was an interesting article.

We had many who have predicted the future and Dr. Robert adds to the list. Kalagnanam (Knowledge of Future) by Kaivara Narayanappa and Pothuluri Veerabramendra are though the most famous, not forgetting Leanardo Da Vinci and Michel de Nostredame. I think the future predictions by those personalities were just reflection which came to their vision and it is largely to do with the society and its developments. They only urged the mankind in a sarcastic manner to “mend” and seek the reality. It is all the mind game and one may think if we “mend” ourselves will the predictions fail to happen??? If any of the predictions make one think and realize that everything that is destined to happen will happen and if one contemplates on what his role will be then the purpose of the predictions is achieved. 

For example: The predictions said that humans kill each other for money, when my grandfather was alive this did not happen because the people then, who read this, did not what to it happen. But in this period of time it is happening we see people kill for mere some of money. I wonder if this could have been postponed to the following generation and so on.    

But the predictions of Dr. Robert are not same as those ancient predictors. If I can analyse his predictions i say it might be a boon or a bane too. Dr. Robert says that in the exponential age the rapidity will take over and the software industry will disrupt most traditional industries in the next 5-10 years. Yes, we have already seen it. With the population on the rise and the automation in industry jobs placements are hit and software industry is minimizing the manual job rising concern over the placements. 
Dr. Robert talks about the artificial intelligence will take over and computers will become exponentially better in understanding the world. Here the computers can surely replace the Individual Intelligence I agree, but will it or can it replace the Cosmic Intelligence is my doubt. The Cosmic Intelligence is nothing but the interaction of various individual intelligence.     

Further Dr. Robert says that Artificial Intelligence system created by IBM called Watson helps nurses diagnosing cancer, 4 times more accurate than human nurses. But it will stop at diagnosing alone; we still need nurses to take care in the operative and post-operative stages. Artificial Intelligence fails at the emotional level. I believe that 70 % of the aliment is cure by the care taken by the doctors and the nurses.

Also he adds that the “Tricoder” which works with on the mobile App can scan the retina, take blood sample and if you breathe into it, it then analyses 54 bio-markers that will identify nearly any disease. He predicts that it will be cheap, so in a few years everyone on this planet will have access to world class medicine, nearly for free. With the crony capitalist around I do not agree. Even now we have advance medical equipment which only serves the rich and the famous. Free medical aid is a mirage unless we see our fellow beings as ourselves.          

But there are few things which Dr. Robert says that could happen with Artificial Intelligence, like for example IBM Watson can provide legal advice within seconds with 90% accuracy. This will make all the lawyers jobless. Self-driven cars will kill all drivers. 70-80% of us will be jobless in the next 20 years.

With this Artificial Intelligence we will have agricultural robot working in corporate farms where the agricultural produce is grown in Sahasra (Excess) with less of Sara (Essence). So anyhow now our farmers are reeling under high debts Artificial Intelligence will annihilate their life.

Exponential Age of Artificial Intelligence or Natural Stupidity only Time has to reveal.....What say??? 

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