Tuesday, October 18, 2016

880. Role V/s Identity....!

Getting up in the morning is nothing unique, but feeling the change at the beginning of the day is that which only a few can observe and appreciate. For the obvious reason those who are participants of the endless rat race, fail to notice this. There are a few who are running behind something known as “SUCCESS” which most of them do not even know the definition of it.

A person has to take up different “ROLE” in order to achieve excellence. That excellence is accomplished on the path to the ordained goal. For a few setting a goal and reaching out for it is success, while for some success is an endless goal to goal vicious cycle. In the bid to excel in order to reach the goal the most valuable possession called “IDENTITY” is lost! The identity which we have is replaced by the false personality we develop to display to the outer world. Here is where we lose our identity.

Do we need to lose our IDENTITY in order to play our ROLE?

It is this ROLE V/s IDENTITY that makes every player participate in the rat race. We may have to perform different roles. Our roles change every time that is not unusual. But does this variety of roles we don make it necessary to forget who we are??? We can change our roles and undertake action according to the circumstance but why should we forget our identity???

A clown wears a mask while entertaining the crowd in a show. He acts crazy and performs to make us laugh. When he takes off his costumes will he not get back to what he was??? In this rat race we wear a mask and forget to take it out and gradually the mask become reality for us. This is when the trouble in the paradise begins because it is now that we are trapped! We do not understand if our current role has reversed our identity or we still are the same.

I assume different roles for numerous responsibilities and duties. I am a family member at home and boss at my factory. I might hide emotions, or sometimes have an outburst of anger and also portray a happy me! In all this while if I pick up a mirror and look into it, try to figure out what made me like this, then I will find that all these are all my roles not my identity.

May be the first question that I need to answer is: What do “I” stand for? What are those things which I am never ready to give up? What am I seeking? What is that most important thing that keeps my world rocking!

When I answer this I would be in a position to identify myself. But what is more important now is to hold onto my identity - No matter what I have got to do next, no matter how big a deal I have got to crack .

What matters is what I am and how I can make things happen by being what I am!

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