Wednesday, October 19, 2016

882. Unfolding Culture & Undertaking Culture

With the on-going Kaveri water dispute between my state Karnataka and my neighbouring state Tamil Nadu, the transportation of goods from here to there is very badly hit. The transporters from either border do not want to take any chance. Vegetables and flowers grown here are transported to Chennai daily. Though there is demand the supply is impossible hence the veggies and flowers are sold here and thankfully it is half the usual price. Many love this kind of situation as the commodities are priced less. Owning to supply in Chennai we were paying more for the veggies all these days. Now the market is on demand and supply.
Ancient society operated spontaneously whereas the modern society thinks it operates in a premeditated way. Earlier events were supposed to be “Unfolding” now we are assuming that we are “Undertaking”. Though the events happen purely based on the system which is ordained to, we humans with our limited knowledge consider events to be happening based on the human effort. In other words whatever is happening is happening because it has to. For example in ancient times a farmer used to grow and sell the agricultural produce and the place where it were sold was called Santhe (market) this is “Unfolding Culture” and now we have different markets for different produce  this is “Undertaking Culture”.

In the undertaking culture one takes full charge, and thinks he can manage any amount of numbers. It becomes system cantered rather than human cantered. On the other hand the unfolding culture operated from relationship base and hence it was human cantered. The farmer then used to sell his produce and if there were more then he would go to sell them in the neighbouring village. Then the market was not organized but market happened. This type of trade was based on the purpose not on supply or demand.

This was Gram Swaraj which was based on self-governance, where the villagers taking the responsibility of their village. They would never control even remotely or make a law which had no practical or cultural connection to the previous village.

The locals knew the culture better than the outsiders. This diversity of system was based on the need of that local community.  It is said that, language and water change quite frequently within the radius of a few kilometres. So super imposing something from somewhere else shows ignorance of the principle of diversity.

Unfortunately domination by the European imperial rulers coupled with religious exclusivity destroyed our “Unfolding Culture”. In our culture, therefore we see diversity is still maintained but the ignorant people call it chaos rather than appreciating it as a part of a complex nature, which is diverse.   Understanding others in their term and condition is the sign of human sensitivity. Destroying others in the name of giving them a better culture is sign of arrogance. Helping each other and taking out the rotten one and replacing it with whatever is good for growth of human society is the height of culture…..What say???

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