Tuesday, October 30, 2018

1203. Individual, Personality & Identity....!

The Vyakti (Individual) in me is the inner essence which is bestowed upon by the Creator. I am born with it and it is not subject to change. That essence in Spiritual world is termed as Atma, the Self. Divinity is the centre of this essence. That essence is the Svabhava that manifests in me. Sva means “Own” and Bhava means “Being”, so my own being is my individuality and that is Atma. “I” am invariably THAT. That essence is a song that Universe is singing through me. Who I am???  Is the question to be answered to know That.

Vyaktittva (Personality) is the acquired virtues and merit which I adore for the sake of the society I live in. I am not born with it though my Samskraras (Impressions) and Vasanas (Tendencies) induce them in me, and it could be subjected to change. Dignity is the centre of this trait. Personality is what I wear on, it is just a make believe. Amazingly the whole society looks at my Personality never me as an Individual. In fact it was never in the culture of my country Bharata to give prominence to Personality but it is an imported custom from the West. Western Psychology works too much on moulding a Personality and hence its psychology is mainly based on a make believe. Personality is that which I am not, but yet depict myself as what I am, for the society as a convenience. However I need to be sure that I display only one Personality at a time, if there are more than one in any given time I am either schizophrenic or I am possessed. A Psychiatrist or an Exorcist respectively has to help me out in that case. What I am??? Is the question to be answered to know it.

Ananyattva (Identity) is not who I am or what I am; it is who I believe I am. Who I think I am could be based on what I actually I am, or what I wish I was or even what I feel I must be. I am not born with it though it is a quality that makes me distinguish and distinct from others, and it can change over time. Ego is the centre of this trait. Identity is always at work weaving and re-framing all my past experience through its current interpretation to present me for the coming future.

If observed in the merriment to maintain Dignity and magnify Ego, the Divinity in me gets shrouded. When the Ego is gone, the Individual arises in its crystal purity that is transparent, radiant and vibrant resonating to an unknown rhythm. That unknown rhythm is Divinity. It is a song heard in the deepest core of my being. It is a dance of the formless making the foot tapping melody heard. Everything real arises only if the Ego has diminished. Ego is the deceiver it is a falsification. With Ego shrunk, “I” shines. When Ego shimmers the Personality and Identity veil that “I” which I am not.

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