Wednesday, October 31, 2018

1204. Patience and Persistence & Progress

A focused mind on the action to reach a goal is always preferred. It requires one to recognise and remain open to the internal guidance that he receives and has to plan his action detached from the how and when he is going to get there. Also he has to stop worrying or becoming anxious about reaching the goal. Fear of future happenings, conditions and circumstances are only created due to the thought processes chosen now, which are mostly based on past adverse experiences. What we focus on today is what we receive at some point in the future. So again our focus on goal may give us an unfavourable result. Remaining absorbed on the now and being focused on a successful vision gets us on the achievement path and this yield us future which unfold precisely as how we would want it to be.

There may be many phases that try to demean or steal our dream; it is only wise to ignore them. Consistently placing our focus on that which gives us strength is beneficial and that thought which weakens us has to be eliminated. Even though it is a small step towards the goal it will carry us one step closer to our intended outcome and before we could realise we will have reached the summit. In this infinitely plentiful universe there is no such thing as failure in any shape or form but only lessons that provide us greater insight allowing us to grow and progress in the path. Failure is a word which is impossible unless we choose and allow it or accept it to be real. Staying focused on the action for the desired goal by giving no thought to that which weakens us will help us to sow the seed, nurture it and nourish the plant that will produce appropriate harvest.

Persistence is the key for reaching the goal. Persistence does not mean using the same tactics again and again but having a different approach to the goal.

In a temple when the priest had gone for lunch, the Idol of the Deity and the Threshold Stone had conversation.
Threshold Stone said to the Idol, “What a good fortune you have. We both were the same lump of rock for millions of years. The sculptor carved an Idol out of you and everyone is worshipping you. And look at me, I am a Threshold Stone and everybody stands and stamps on. What kind of life is this?

The Idol kept quiet and never bothered to answer this, but routine murmur from the Threshold Stone was irritating, so the Idol thought to put an end to the constant squabbling from the Threshold Stone.

The Idol replied, “But do you remember that when the sculptor set out to carve an Idol of the Deity, you were his first choice. You were so impatient. In one strike, you broke into two. But when he tried on me, I beamed and bore all the hammers and chisel strikes with PATIENCE and allowed the Sculptor to work with PERSISTENCE. Here I am the worshipful and happy Idol and you are the Threshold Stone.”

The difference between success and failure is Patience and Persistence.

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