Monday, February 24, 2014

400. How Far will Situational Lie Help me??????????

A messy or a clumsy circumstance tempts me to escape from it by uttering a situational lie. As my age progressed I have made it an advantage to use this as an aid to encounter an unwanted event and eventually I have developed an applaudable imagination and creativity in the art of lying and am proud of myself for it. This art has in fact ingrained in me so much talent that in the middle of the night in deep sleep if someone wakes me I am able to produce a convincing lie. I know that lying is sin but the experience of feeling it handy in the time of crisis has made me depend on it more and has erased the thought in me that it is a sin.

I am convinced that everybody on this earth plane have told a lie and some have bifurcated it as small and big.  Amazingly lying is not a big deal at all in every individuals mind but when he is grouped in a society it is a threat for him and hence he needs inventors to spend their time, energy, and money to invent a perfect lie detector machines to monitor pupil dilation, catch up the eye movements, search for voice pitch change and find variations in blood pressure among other things to know if a person is telling a lie. But will all these machines help a liar like me????? My spouse, my children, my friends would not wish to hook a lie detector machines around my neck every time when they wish to converse with me. Do they?????

When I find lying is easier and convenient than telling truth then do I have to be blamed for lying????? Is it not the unacceptability of the truth that is the cause for the convincing lie to sprout from a seed to grow as a big tree?????

It was very witty for me to blame others for the situational lie that I produce and also my smartness to implicate them, but deep inside me I have a feel of guilt which I have to encounter with. Guilt is a feeling that can surface at very usual and unlikely situation. This guilt feel affects my nervous system which is in connection with the immune systems. My body responds to the way I think, when I am nurturing happy thoughts my body is producing hormones called endorphins which make me feel good. The guilt of lying put me under stress and release different kinds of hormones such as cortisol, and norepinephrine. While cortisol varies the blood sugar level and suppresses the immune system in me and the stress hormone norepinephrine is the catalyst for the “eye for an eye” attitude in me resulting in increased heart beat rate and blood pressure. Many in this modern society advice the younger generation not to avoid having the guilt feel, but then the guilt is the product of the conscience not mind. Even if I avoid it, in the near future it is going to surface back and hunt me. Guilt should never be my painful companion at the time of my death. Whatever I call them deception, white lies, exaggerations, or an effort to saving my skin if it not truth it is a LIE.

I might not realize immediately that a very small and simple sentence I choose to talk could make me ill, but its reality. Situational Lie may make me habitual liar and eventually eat my soul; while truth nourishes my mind and helps in protecting the vehicle of my soul called body.

So should I be a slave to lie or set myself free by uttering truth????? I am convinced that even though there is hardship which I may have to face in telling truth I will stick to it as I want the vehicle of my soul to be immaculate until it is locked up in the garage forever. 

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  1. In the outs we may have to tell lies. but we should not make it a habit.once one feels joy and continues it will confuse him and creates trouble.and makes hima complex personality.ultimately one will lose respect in the society.forget about his spiritual path.