Tuesday, March 4, 2014

408. What is it that decides our Life Span????


One evening while returning home from her school my daughter happened to see few people gathered near a house in our locality and she felt they looked worried. When she came home she said, “Maybe the old grandma who lived in that house has passed away. In fact I never knew that there was an old lady in that house. My daughter said she had seen the old grandma who was on the wheel chair and every morning the family members would let the old lady to bask in the morning mild sunlight.

When I went to the house I came to know that it was not the death of the old women but her son who was around 50 who suffered a massive heart attack. When I told my daughter that it was not the old grandma who passed away but her son she asked me, “The old lady was expecting to leave this world why was she not chosen, what is it that decides when one will die?”    

I told her it is not definitely the age or the incapability of the body which becomes decisive, I could only say that the right time to die is kept a secret as I felt she would not understand the intricate things involved in it. 

After contemplating on this I could conclude that one most important factor is our Karmic Obligation. Karmic obligations are activity that every living being has to accomplish in this lifespan, until death releases them from the body. This bond we have with others including our family members friends and even our pets is due to karmic debt.

Life is an opportunity given by the Providence to fulfill the dreams and repay our karmic debt within the karmic boundaries. It is only when we have completed our karmic obligation will our body fall; it does not matter at what age. Karmic debt which started its due when the moment we were out of our mothers womb need to be worked off or suffered away, when the circumstances present themselves in a certain way. This karmic debt is disposed to be repaid when the circumstances are just right, repayment will go ahead and happen. It is just like the back account when all the deposits are spent the back account is as good as closed.

Debt of obligation could be of parents, siblings, spouse, children or anyone. All those debts have to be settled off for the Causal body (Kaarana Deha) and the Subtle body (Sukshma Deha) to leave the Physical body (Stula Deha). Unless there is no pending of debt the Subtle body will never leave the Physical body and unless the Subtle body is inside the Physical body the Causal body will never let the Chaitanya (Consciousness) slip away and unless the Chaitanya is shining bright, the Prana (Vital Breath) will not go out of the Physical body.  

Hence it is important to fulfill the debt of obligation for the liberation of the Subtle body when the physical body is fit and kicking. How to know the debt of obligation???...... Simple fulfill all your responsibility at the correct time without procrastinating do your duty at the prescribed time. Work as if there is no tomorrow........ Am I right??????

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  1. it is so true that the birth and death are kept as a secret.we come only to pay our debts in this creation.Sometimes it is over (in this body, ,not withe Jeeva) one may have to leave the body.That is why it is not the age that decides for the departure.