Wednesday, March 19, 2014

420. I AM 420………………….!

The offenders in our country who cheat are booked under the section INDIAN PENAL CODE (IPC) 420, hence it has become routine to call one who is non-reliable as 420. The offender is booked, taken to the police station and produced before the judge. Looking at the intensity of the crime judge delivers the verdict so that the offender will know about his wrong doings and correct himself and try to live a life of high merit. 

It is so very nice that our system gives space for an offender to correct himself. The system tries its best to bring the offender to the mainstream and help him. But how will I correct myself from Self cheating which does not allow me to excel? What is the verdict against Self-Deception?  Professional and Personal lives are the two tight ropes that I walk on in my life span. I am the best judges and I do treasure this feel. In professional life I tackle the situations very well by using my skills or by resorting to be shrewd to other. After finding success there I try to apply the same in my personal life by pampering my ego which make me adamant, stubborn and ignorant. Ego dwells and swells in my mind. It starts to cause Self-Deception. 

When I was a toddler there was no sense of “I”ness in me. I used to cry when hungry and my mother would feed me and I would feel contented and sleep peacefully. As I grew I started to identify myself with the toys I had. I would say “that is my toy” the self deception started like a sapling from there. Though at that time there was no intellect to help me to say that it is a toy and it was brought for money from my father from a shop and it could have been someone’s if his father had brought it. Amazingly that toy which was my possession unfortunately joined the set of unused goods in the backyard of my house when I was not interested in it anymore.

This yearns to look for the entertainment outside me started from my young life due to lack of knowledge. Intellect started to guide me when I reached certain age, but unfortunately the ego which is inflated talks loud and would not let my mind to heed what my intellect says. My mind with the support of ego reduces my sense to behave as slaves. Now even when my intellect advice my senses that the happiness got from the external objects are not permanent my sense would join hands with my mind and go after the worldly objects. The words of my intellect fell to deaf ears since my mind had completely surrendered to my ego. Ego has convinced my mind so much that it would not believe my intellect and think what my ego was saying was right.

My ego is the master of Deception and Self-Deception. It uses deception to fool others and self-deception to fool my mind. It creates illusion and cheats my mind to believe that it is Self. It is has convinced my mind to ignore common sense and embrace nonsense by wearing a mask. It persuaded my mind to wear blinders and selectively disregard facts which would encourage my mind to search for the answers for question such as “Who am I”?

Throughout my life this “I” is doing the untrustworthy deeds to my mind and misleading it. It is evading my mind from the path of Truth. It has to be booked under the section INNER PERSPECTIVE CODE (IPC) 420 and made to know its wrong doing and correct it. Ego has to be replace by love. Chief Justice Intellect should protect the client, mind from going too far beyond the reach.

This incidentally happens to be the 420th blog ……………..!    


  1. The whole story starts with the identification of the body mind complex .Separating from the Source we create all sorts of problems.thoughts emotions high and low and hatred .

  2. Indeed, life should be a bout the collective not the I but again most of us manifest for our own desires not for the desires of the collective.