Friday, August 15, 2014

531. The Real Independence for my Country…...

It is been 67 years since we have driven out outsiders from our country and called ourselves an independent country. We celebrate the independence day every year. Are we independent in real sense? How can we be independent?

My views looking at the scenario now is there are three things which we need to be considered seriously to say we are an independent country.

1. Women has to be respected. Women have a very special position both at home and in society. They are capable of taking important decisions as they used to do in the Vedic era. Manusmriti says Yatra Naryastu Pujyante, Ramante Tatra Devata (Divinity Blossoms where women are respected). Male chauvinism is an attitude that causes some men to think women are inferior and exist only to serve them. For how long should women in my country tolerate such idiots???     

2. State and religion has to be separate. Agreed ours is the country of many religions and we are proud of it. Our constitution allows an individual to practice the religion of his choice. No one has the right to question him or distract him from the belief he has in certain ideology. What is the necessity for the religion to get mingled with administration of the state? Why do we not look at it different? If these two are inevitably amalgamated where is independence????

3. Business and politics has to be separate. Agreed that a businessman can be a politician and a politician can be a businessman. But how is it that a person who is unsuccessful entrepreneur becomes a successful business magnet when he becomes a politician? There could be two aspects one he is misusing the power or he is corrupt and using his business to defend his unlawful earnings. How long does this “Chalta Hai” (Take it for Grant) attitude remain in us and yet we say we are independent???

We had heard in ancient days Kings used to go on to the streets in disguise at night to know the pulse of the subjects and verify the value of their administration. With the inputs received the King would rectify his way of administration so that his subjects do not face hardship. If someone like me writes about it in a blog the response would be “Your thoughts are all old and it does not have place in the modern world. Now with the use of technology the administration can get the feedback.” But one has to keep in mind that those feedback can also be manipulated.

I feel with heavy heart and regret to say that unless we have a society that respects women, politicians who do not use religion to come to power and business to cover their loot and citizens who feel that this country is theirs and start to work for its prosperity my country is not really independent. 

Yet I take the privilege of celebrating the 67 years of Independence today as I am proud of those individuals who have don the role of excellent Leaders to take my country forward, Mothers who are nurturing the future of my country, Teachers who are molding the hope of my country, Soldiers who are guarding my country, Farmers who are feeding my country and Industrialist who are helping develop infrastructure in my country. I bow to all those souls.......

Happy Independence Day!!!!! 

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