Wednesday, November 5, 2014

595. Truth behind Philosophies that help us in Experience Truth..

Truth is one and only one but the perception of Truth has put forth many versions in the name of philosophies. It is very unfortunate that each philosophy has brought forward a set of religious practices forgetting the fact that all these philosophies have been sprung out of the same one and only Truth. This difference in religion has made seekers to follow philosophy that suits to them and criticize other in the name of religion. Philosophies are like the bits and pieces of a very huge picture puzzle called Truth. The one who picks up all the pieces and sets it right will comprehend Truth.

Our country which was appreciated for its unity in diversity had many groups following and practicing their beliefs without mocking at another group’s belief system with no issue at all. But of late due to lack of integrity and tolerance and also to some extent political wind and ego worshiping the present scenario is different. The seekers had to have belief and devotion on the philosophy they are associated to, but now it is only fanatics. Instead of highlighting the best of their philosophy, the so called custodians of the philosophy are aiming at finding faults at other religion and philosophy and belittle them. The real problem arises when the seeker begins to weigh the thoughts of his school of philosophy with others and try to satisfy his ego.

It would be disastrous if a person who has such a mentality become the head of a philosophical group and advises his followers to retaliate the thoughts of the other schools of philosophy. A head of a Spiritual organization has to be a person who accepts other philosophies since he will be aware that everything paths to the same Truth. He has to make his followers understand that what his school of philosophy has reveled is not complete and final but just one dimension of looking at Truth. It is one piece of the picture puzzle which has no capacity to get the entire picture in it.  

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  1. आप बिलकुल सहि हो भगवान यां कुदरत अपने आपको व्यक्त करनेके लिए नजाने अपने कितने रुप धारण करेंगी यह कोइ नाहि बता शक्ता है न कोइ सोच शक्ता है, क्युंकी हरएक जन उस परमात्माको व्यक्त करने वालेका हिस्साभर है। हम सब से पहले एक पूरी चेतना, एक गैर खंडित चेतना है।We first of all have a whole consciousness, a non-fragmented consciousness; this whole consciousness is of timelessness, this source of consciousness also has no barriers or limitations at this stage. This is due to it’s stillness, it has no movement or interaction or a push and pull effect, in this state of wholeness it just is.