Tuesday, November 18, 2014

605. Pleasant/Adverse Events are due to effect of Chaos Theory!


We humans’ due to ignorance blame the Absolute when we happen to get involved in an accident. At the same time if we narrowly miss getting involved in it we thank our stars. It is a mystery yet to be understood why an individual blames Absolute if his anticipations are not met and interestingly why he does not at the same time have the thought of paying a token of gratitude to Absolute when the events have indeed turned out as he had anticipated. Even so some due to ignorance or innocence feel that because they have belief and are praying to Absolute, it is His duty to protect them from any such incidents. If it were to work like that then an atheist would have died of accidents daily. True seekers who know about Absolute deep inside, understands that in either cases it is only his Prarabdha Karma Phalas (rewards for the past deeds) that are responsible, not Absolute. Every event that is happening is taking shape as it should have been and this is what Chaos Theory also affirms.

What is this CHAOS THEORY?????

Chaos Theory also called “Butterfly Effect” states that certain proceedings does not get amplified by themselves but gathers momentum by a series of events which ultimately yield the vast outcome. If we try to analyze each phrase of the event we land up face to face with the Karmic debt.

We can understand with an example: Suppose you are standing at a bus stop waiting for a bus to go to your fiends place on an invitation. Some stranger comes to you and asks “what’s the time?” You look at your watch and find it not working, in order to tell the stranger the time, you fish out your cell phone tucked in your trouser pocket. The cell phone is keypad locked, you unlock the keypad see the time and tell the time to the stranger. This process has taken a few minutes. The stranger thanks you and he turns back to find a speeding car about to hit a blind man. The stranger dashes to the blind man and saves him. This is just a series of events which happened, but if we observe deeply every event has been interlinked to other.  

Now Chaos Theory….,  if at all had your watch been working properly, the stranger would have left the place few minutes earlier without having a chance to either see the car or the blind man. So no chance of the stranger to save him the blind man. So the stranger wanting to know the time and your watch not working and your cell phone being keypad locked have played an important role in saving a blind man from certain death. Isn't it??? Yes, we can assume only unto this sequences, but if we scrutinize further we find that the reason for you to be at the bus stop is also a reason for the blind man to be save and then that since you had to go to your friends place you were waiting for the bus, then the invitation of your friend to his house might also be the reason. Even that reason has another reason and so on…every event is triggered from some other event.......... This is CHAOS THEORY ………very very mystical to understand it’s the intricate network of Karma Phalas.

Lord Krishna tells in Bhagavad-Gita Chapter 4 verses 17: “Gahana Karmano Gatihi” meaning tracking (Gatihi) of Action (Karma) is mysterious (Gahana). 

Lord Krishna has proclaimed that it is difficult to understand the intricacies and indefinite extent and shape of Karma (Action), as it is so complicated, intricate, zigzag, unfathomable, dynamic, inscrutable, and mysterious because the life is such. The trail of Karma (Action) is jagged and intractable and there is no point in blaming the Absolute or thanking the stars for any event. Just a mindset to accept pleasant or adverse situation the life throws at us is a must....... what say??  

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