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599. Life is as Tenuous as a Water Bubble!!!!!!!!

Here i attempt to present one of the Tatva Pada (Philosophical Song) from Sri Kanakadasaru as i understand it....

DiMbadalliru va jeeva kamba sutra goMbeyanthe
Yendigaadarodu dina saavu tappadO
Yendigaadarodu dina saavu tappadO

Jeevatma in the body is like the puppet held by string and pole
Sure someday there is death for the body!
Sure someday there is death for the body!!

The poet says that the Jeevi (mind and intellect index) is in the body as a puppet that is hung by the string and a pole. But reminds us that the game has to end as someday there is death for the body. The game has to end someday!

huTTuttEnuu taraliLLa, saayuttEnuu oYYalilla
Suttu Suttu sunnadaraLu Ayiteedeha
Hotte balu keTTadeMdu yestu kasta madidaru
bittU hoguvaaga geNu batte kaaNadO  

Did not bring anything in birth or will not take anything at death
All that remains of the body when charred is only limestone
Hardship is endured to see the pot belly is not in dearth
Alas! While leaving there is not even a piece of cloth on

That Jeevi neither brought anything at birth nor does it take anything after death.  The residue when the human body is burnt is limestone (calcium carbonate which is inorganic carbon). Though the Jeevi puts the body to hardship just to fill his stomach, what remains on the body is not even a piece of cloth after death.  

Hattu yentu laksha galisi matte saaladeMdu
Parara Arthakkagi aase pattu nyaya maadvarO
bitti belasu tannadeMdu vyartha chintheyannu maadi
sattu hodamele Artha yaarigaagudO 

Earned in lakhs and yet not satisfied with what he has
Wishing for the fortune of others he does mediation   
Thinking all that he has sown and grown is all his
After death his wealth is for other in succession

Eventhough a person earns a lot he is not satisfied and contented with what he has, instead he wishes to add more by poking his nose into other peoples affairs. He foolishly thinks all that he has earned in the way of sowing and harvesting is his but after his death all that he has amassed is free for all.  

heNNU hoNNu maNNu muuru tannallidO uNNalilla
aNNa tamma taayi tande bayasalaagadO
anna vastra bhoogakkagi tanna sukhava kaaNalilla
maNNu paalu adamele yaarigagudO

Never enjoyed the company of the three that was his namely woman, gold and property
He never preferred his brothers, mother and father
For food, clothing and material wealth he lost his peace and tranquility
When the body merges with soil everything is ether

The physical body yearns for three namely a companion as wife or a life partner, and then wealth in the form of jewels and finally property in the form of house. The Jeevi is so crazy in wanting more that even if it has all the three it will never enjoy. It will never want brothers mother father as he has become selfish. To gain food cloth and material wealth he loses his peace, but when his body merges with the soil it is someone else who will benefit all that he has so earned.  

belli bangaariTTukoMDu oLLe vastra hoddukoMdu
chaLLA piLLa gOmbeyanthe agihOdanE
haLLa haridu hooguvaga guLLe bandu oDeyuvanthe
guLLe pOreyaMte kaaNoo samsaradaata

With silver and gold and best of clothing
He becomes most loved and pampered toy
As the water bubble burst in the water flowing
That thin layer of water bubble is your life is my boy

With all that he has earned he buys himself the best of cloths and jewelry. Wearing them on he looks like a pampered and most loved toy. But all this is short lived just as the water bubble that is on the flowing water that can burst anytime. Life is as tenuous as that water bubble is what the poet warns us all. 

vaarthe kirthi yembo eradu sattamele bandavaYYa
vastu prana naayakanu hyange dorakuvanO
krtru kageneleyaadi keshavana Charana Kamala
nityadalli bhagisi sukhiyagi baaLelO
sukhiyagi baaLelO

Fame and status are the two that comes after death
But how can one seek the leader of living and non living while alive?
The lotus feet of Adi-Kesava of the Kaginele who is the Doer
Live Blissful by remembering Him daily…… Live Blissful


A person is elevated to fame and his status is upheld after his death. How can one attain the Lord here the poet addresses Him who is the sole Doer as the Nayaka (Lord) of Vastu (Non-living) and Prana (Living). Asking this question the poet himself gives away the secret. One who always chants and praises the lotus feet of Adi-Keshava of Kaginele (a village in the Byadagi taluk of Haveri district, Karnataka.) the birth place of Kanakadasa,  

My humble Submission: I have made an honest attempt to translate this meaningful song from the great Saint Poet, if the meaning is not congruous it is because of my untidy work. This work which I have attempted is an effort by me who do not have the thought to match the great Saint Poets thinking ........ please excuse my mistakes if any...    

(This song sung by Sri Mysore Ramachandrachar for teleserial Sri Raghavendra Vaibhava) ....listen and enjoy....

This great devotee of Lord Krishna has made the Lord turn towards on

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