Wednesday, August 9, 2017

1069. Value of Time.....!

Kaalapurusha and Chanda arrived at the doorstep of Abhuti with Paasha in their hands. They were the attendants of Yama, the God of Death. They were there to carry out the orders of Chitragupta to extradite the Jeevatma (Individual Consciousness) of Abhuti. Abhuti was one of the richest merchants in the province.

The Paasha (Noose) in their hands is the device they use to yank the soul out of the body. Amazingly that device Paasha is only half of the mechanism. The other half is in the Jeevatma as Aasha (Desires). The Paasha and Aasha are like a pair as we find in hook and loop tape. If we observe the hook and loop fastener tapes which are commonly known as “Velcro” tapes we can understand better. These tapes have two lineal fabric strips while the first strip features tiny hooks the other has small hair like loops. When the two strips are brought together the hooks catch in the loops and the two pieces fasten temporarily during the time that they are pressed together. The Paasha in the hands of the attendants of Yama is the hook and the Aasha within the Jeevatma is like the loop. As there was endless desire in the Jeevatma the Paasha could easily get hold of it. The more the Aasha the easier for the Paasha to get hold of the Jeevatma.

As the Jeevatma was to be taken out Abhuti realized that the time had come to bid goodbye to the present life. “I am not ready to die I do have much to do. Do you mind coming back next year?” asked Abhuti.

Chanda replied, “Sorry your time is up and we must take you now.”

Abhuti enquired, “Do you know who I am? I am one of the richest men in the region.”

Kaalapurusha nodded, “We know all about you and as we take everyone else when the time is up we have to take you too; so hurry up, let’s go.”

Abhuti pleaded, “If I were to give you Dashapratishata (Ten Percent) of my earning, which is Laksha Swarna Varaha (One Lakh Gold Coins), will you return after year later?”

Both the Yama attendants shook their head and replied, “You don’t seem to understand. It is time to go.”

For the next few moments, Abhuti tried his best to negotiate with the atattendas of Yama by giving away more of his earning for lesser time. He finally succumbed and offered “If I were to give you all my earnings, will you give me one Ghalige (24 minutes) so that I can talk my Patni (Wife) and Sutah (Children) and express my prema (Love) to them. I have never told them that and it is very important to me that they know how I feel about them. I also need to seek Kshama (Forgiveness) from my elder brother I have hurt him most. All I ask is one Ghalige!”

Chanda and Kaalapurusha paused and looked at Abhuti curiously and asked, “How long did you take to earn Laksha Varaha?”

Abhuti replied, “60 Ayana (30 years), it took me a whole 30 Varsha. See it seem to be a great Prasttava (Deal) in exchange for one Ghalige, take it all. You will never have to work another day in your life.”

The Yama Kinkaras were short of words finally coming to terms they said “Really we do not understand you Manavas (Human Beings)! If you are willing to give up the earnings you made for 30 Varsha for one Ghalige, then why did you not make the most of every Nimisha (Minute) while you had it? How did you value your Samaya (Time)? What was your Pradhanyata (Priorities)? Why didn't you say or do the things that really mattered most?”

The light in the eyes of Abhuti faded, he was gone. His One Laksha Varaha could not buy him the Samaya (Time) to do what really mattered most to him.

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