Thursday, August 10, 2017

1070. Perfection in Life is an Impractical Goal.....!

Perfection in life is an impractical goal. In reality it is never a goal it is an approach. No one can ever boast he is leading a perfect life. There is never a hassle free life which can be considered as perfect. Does that mean there is no need to aim for perfection???

If the essence of perfection is understood then the way we perceive it will be different. To aim for perfection does not mean to be the best or to be better than someone; if one is better than what he was a day before then the approach is happening. 

When the great Acharya Trio (Sri Sri Sankara, Srimad Ramanuja, Sriman Madhva) themselves did not proclaim to be perfect, what are we who are yet ordinary seekers. Though the three philosophers knew that they were not Paripoorna (Perfect) and Sri Hari alone is, they preached the necessity to aim at perfection. By chasing perfection alone can one achieve excellence.

There were a few friends working for an IT company. To get relieved from the work stress they plan a weekend trip to a riverside holiday spot. Everyone knew swimming except for one guy who had this Bathophobia (Fear of Deep Water). As expected all the other friends decided to live all their belongings with this guy who sat on a rock and got ready to get into the river.

Splash! They heard a sound; a little boy who had brought his cattle to gaze accidentally fell into the river. Though everyone there knew swimming no one rushed to save the boy. Ironically one idiot took out his mobile phone and started capturing the mishap while another thought it would be dangerous for him to go after the boy. The third was thinking about medico legal issues if he did venture into the river to save the boy and failed to get him out alive.

Our non-swimmer guy who was sitting on the rock also saw the boy fall into the river. He immediately got up and jumped into the river caught the boy by his hair and pulled him out. The boy was made to puke out the water and after a few minutes the boy was able to walk and go home.

The IT friends were astonished at the non-swimmer’s feat, one of them asked, “Hey! How was it possible you said you were afraid of water and you never had entered into water?”  

Unable to believe his act the young man said, “I do not recall what happened to me as soon as I heard the splash sound I became aware that the boy had fallen into the water. The intuition in me guided me to jump and catch hold of the boy by his hair and drag him to the riverbed. I could hear the faint voice from somewhere at which I acted. I feel happy that we were able to save the boy.”         

None in the group were as perfect as Michael Phelps in swimming, yet every individual had a little knowledge in swimming that was sufficient to try to save the boy. One need not be perfect to use whatever knowledge he has if he wish to use it or share it.  

Perfection can be achieved when one knows that he is not perfect. At the same time one should never gauge the other keeping perfection as yardstick.......Am I right???    

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