Wednesday, August 16, 2017

1073. Rameshwaram Temple...!

After the pilgrimage to Varanasi we had to visit Rameshwaram to complete the circuit. We had to anoint Sri Ramanathaswamy with the Ganga water we had collected while we had been to Varanasi. Yesterday we got the chance to be in the holiest place situated in Rameswaram island.
It was a great wish and also a part of the pilgrimage ritual circuit to have a tour to this historical and very holy place. I do believe in our Hindu puranas which mentions that whenever God is pleased with you, automatically somehow you will get chance to visit a holy place. I feel really happy to experience the joy of satisfaction by having the glimpse of that place where Shri Rama along with his vanara sena built a bridge. The bridge to cross the sea and reach Lanka to bring back Sitadevi who was abducted by Dashakanta Ravana.
It is said that Shri Rama after the war with Ravana landed in this island and consecrated a Shiva Linga to get rid of Brahmahatya Dosha (Sin of killing a Brahmin).
We all know that Jaya and Vijaya took three births as the rivals of Maha Vishnu. In their first birth they were Hiranyakashyapa and Hiranyaksha. In the second they were Ravana and Kumbhakarna. So though Ravana was born in a Brahmin family, he by his nature was a Asura (Demon). Abducting other persons wife is an act of Asura. Shri Rama killed Vaali, the brother of Sugriva on similar grounds.
Moreover one cannot accept the fact that Brahminism is hereditary. So killing of Ravana could not have brought Brahmahatya Dosha to Shri Rama.
Then why did Shri Rama had to consecrate a Shiva Linga at Rameshwaram is the question.
Ravana was a Shiva Bhakta who was ready to offer his head one after the other into the sacrificial fire to please Maharudradeva. When such a devotee was annihilated there was a loss of one in the strength of Shiva Aradakas (Shiva Adorers). Shri Rama by consecrating a Shiva Linga there at Rameshwaram kept up the tradition of worship of Shiva which is even today followed by millions of devotees.
I am glad to visit such a magnificent temple by His grace. This linga is the representation of Pritvi (earth) tattva of the Pancha Tattva namely, earth, fire, water, air and space. This is also said to be amongst 12 Jyotirlingas.
The uniqueness of this place is taking bath from the water of 22 wells around the temple. It is considered as very auspicious and was not only quite different in temperature but also in taste. It took around 1 and half hour to complete having bath from all the 22 wells. Then we proceeded for darshana.
If possible will post about the bath from those wells tomorrow.
Hara Hara Mahadeva....

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