Saturday, March 17, 2018

1147. A theist, Atheist and God.....!

On a rainy night one pious Sadhak heard a dastak on his door. He opened the door to find a young man drenched in rain. "Can I take shelter here?" He asked. The Sadhak welcomed him and give him a towel and his cloths for him to change. "God has provided me this I will share it with you" He said.

The young man dried himself up and by that time the Sadhak brought in dinner. "God has given this to me I will share it with you" the Sadhak said. Both the Sadhak and the Young man had dinner.

It was time to sleep the Sadhak provided the young man bedsheet and rug. "God has been kind and given me this you can use it" He said.

After hearing the Sadhak always talk about God the young man said, " Why do you always say that God has provided you everything while in reality it was you who have earned them by your hard work".

Hearing this the Sadhak became angry. "You idoit, everything is happening because of God. Without Him nothing happens. You seem to be an atheist. I am ashamed of myself for entertaining you. Get lost".

The young man was thrown out of the house. Young man silently walked away in rain. The Sadhak went to bed he had a dream. In his dream he saw God talking to him, " think you are my devotee but you have not understood me in reality. I created you as well as that young man. Both of you are dear to me. I have tolerated that young man for 25 years but you could not stand him for 25 minutes."

The Sadhak got up and went in search of the young man in rain.

In Sanatana Dharma an atheist also exists as much as a believer. He too can be a part of society to bring in harmony and help in the welfare.

One need not be an theist to be a responsible citizen. There is no dictum that to practice morality one has to be a theist. Believing in God and Scriptures is private matter while being on the moral path is general. One can be spiritual without being a believer.

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