Saturday, March 17, 2018

1151. Fundamentalism, Socialism, Communism, Capitalism, Fascism or Crony Capitalism......!

A few days back a write-up posted said nothing is bad or good and it is only the situations which make them. To justify this, the story of Shibi, the ancestors of Shri Rama was mentioned.

This incidence was mentioned by Vyasadeva in Srimad Bhagavatam.
According to Vyasadeva the King was in Dharma Sankata (Moral Ambiguity), either to save the pigeon from the eagle or let the eagle consume its prey.

Sanatana Dharma says the King has to do justice to everyone and following that the King readily volunteer to substitute his flesh to save pigeon and at the same time not to deprive the food of the eagle.

This incidence happened thousands of years back and the King took a perfect decision based on the understanding of Sanatana Dharma. For some youngsters who read the write-up this decision did not go well. A few messaged me and felt that the Kings move seem to be stupid and he could have arranged some meat equivalent to the pigeons weight. True they could be viewing the situation practically and there was no problem at all in their thought process

I wonder why when all these years the Kings decision was accepted now this generation feels it was little over for the King to sacrifice his flesh. I analyzed that the younger generation are exposed to fundamentalism, socialism, communalism, capitalism, fascism and crony capitalism. Now they can thinking about a situation from all those angles and asses the situation to pick appropriate solution. I felt maybe the exposure is the key for such thoughts and I do respect them even if they do not vibrate with mine.

Further on lighter note I contemplated on how the incident could have shaped if the King and his subjects were also having the thought which sympathized either Fundamentalism, Socialism, Communism, Capitalism, Fascism or Crony Capitalism. Here is how the situation would have been different.

Fundamentalist : The King would let the eagle have its prey. Saying this world is running on “survival of the fittest”.

Socialist: The King will kill the eagle and let the pigeon fly free. Saying in this society the “weaker section has to be protected”. Why kill the eagle, did you ask? The socialist thought would not let the strong have the upper hand.

Communist : The King would kill the pigeon and divide the meat into two and give the one half to the eagle and keep the other half to himself. Saying everyone in this society has “to have the equal share”.

Capitalist : The King would kill the pigeon. Defeather and eviscerate the bird cut it into small pieces, weight them and pack them in a transparent plastic box. After fixing a price tag the King would sell meat to the eagle. Saying whatever I do it is important for me to see what will “I gain from it”.

Fascist : The Eagle would revolt against the King and bring support from its kind and dethrone the King and become the new King. Saying I am always “the best to rule”.

Crony Capitalist : The King would kill the pigeon and share its meat with his family and relatives. Saying “me and my family priority is first”.

Note: Friends this is on lighter note please do not take it seriously……just enjoy.

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