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1148.Remove a thorn with a thorn.......!

Sri Krishna and Mama Shakuni were the main strategist to Pandavas and Kauravas respectively. Agreed that the Great War, Kurukshetra was won because of those strategies but the Jaya (Victory) embraced the strategy which had Dharma (Righteousness) in it. The rules, regulations, customs and traditions should serve certain social functions in a society. If they cease to do so then it is wise to discard them if possible or amend them if it is impossible to discard.

An ace strategist will be very well aware that the course of action while performing certain duty, which could be voluntary or obligatory can be amended when it is working against the social fabric of the society. Rules, regulations customs and traditions are bound by time, space and causation. That which is bound by these three cannot be eternal.

Maha Vishnu is invincible as He is Omni-Present (Sarvavyapta), Omni-Scient (Sarvajna) & Omni-Potent (Sarvashakta). There is no force that can subdue the energy of Maha Vishnu. Realising about this nature of Maha Vishnu, Asura Aloka sat in penance to obtain a boon from Brahma.

This name Aloka is unique it is to say that it is different from normal; this earth plane inhabited by Manava (Humans) is referred to as Loka (Earthly). One who is beyond this Loka is Aloka, he could be superior as Daiva (Divine) or inferior to be an Asura (Demon). This Asura was Aloka which indicated was inferior to Manava.

His penance was so severe that the entire universe was reeling under fierce heat. Inevitably Brahma had to stop the Asura from pursuing the catastrophic penance which was causing hardship to the living and non-living in the universe. Brahma appeared before the Asura and woke him up from the meditative state by assuring him of granting boon if it is viable. Asura Aloka asked for the boon of immortality which was not acceptable by nature.

When Brahma asked him to request for an alternative the Asura asked Brahma to grant him death the day Maha Vishnu is defeated in a combat. Brahma had to oblige and grant the Asura the boon. With the boon Asura Aloka was confident that Maha Vishnu will never be defeated and he will immortal, he stated his atrocities on the humans and devas.

At the time of Sita Swayamvara, Shri Rama accidentally broke Pinaka (Shiva’s Bow) while trying to string it after lifting it. To string the massive bow by lifting it from the cart was the challenge provided by King Janaka, the father of sita to the Kings and Princes gathered to win the hands of Sita.
As we all know Shri Rama won the contest and wedded Sita. Parashurama came to know that Shri Rama had broken Shiva’s Bow and was angry he vowed to defeat Shri Rama. Now, this was the situation if either Shri Rama or Parashurama is to be defeated then Asura Aloka would die as both Shri Rama and Parashurama were incarnation of Maha Vishnu. Parashurama accepted defeat and the Asura Aloka was killed.

Our Puranas have a lot to teach to this modern world. That is why they still continue to be relevant and widely popular today, spawning successful theatrical shows, retellings in discourses, and enacted in skits. They provide timeless lessons to guide our thinking, always pulling our thought away from the extremes of realism as well as the extremes of idealism. Thus encouraging us to resort to what might even seems to be unjust in order to achieve a greater justice.
In the present political scenario too the same can be applied. In order to contest against a party filled with big scamsters the support of a small wrong doer is justified.

They say you need a thorn to remove a thorn.

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