Saturday, March 17, 2018

1150. Mode of the Jouney of Life!!!

I have a dream expedition in my mind. It is crazy but I like to undertake that voyage sometime in near future.

The itinerary looks like this:

From my residence I wish to take a Tanga (Horse Carriage) to Kempegowda Bus Station Bengaluru. From there I want to take a bus to Mangalore. From Mangalore it will be train journey to Goa on Konkan Railways experiencing the scenic beauty of Sahyadri. Amazing greeneries, plethora of water bodies, stunning curves and the magnificent Sahyadri make the train travel experience great. After reaching Goa it will be Cruise that will take me to Mumbai. From Mumbai back to Bengaluru it will be Flight journey and from the airport to my residence it is the cab which will be my vehicle.

Now in this one circuit I will be travelling in Tanga, Bus, Train, Cruise, Flight and Cab. In between my travel I can use Cycle-rickshaw, Auto-rickshaw, Taxi, Truck and Tuk Tuk too. The beauty of this trip is that there will be no destination it will only be journey. I think Spirituality is also similar.

Spirituality is not the destination but only the means to attain it which can be equated to journey. Also the Spiritual thoughts should be on the right track and have propelling force. Let us consider Spirituality to be the compartment of a train. If the Engine that is pulling it is the Philosophy, the Track is the Mind. Without the Engine and the Track moving the compartment is near impossible.

The Jevatma has to take a seat inside the compartment and enjoy the journey. For the journey to be safe there are many factors to guide and protect the compartment like Track Shifting Engineers and Level Crossings. Likewise for the Spirituality (Compartment) there are Gurus and Scriptures (Track Shifting Engineers) to make sure that the train is moving in the right direction and Level Crossings (Indriya Nigraha –Sense control) are also operating.

When the compartment is on the roll the Level Crossing (Sense Control) is most important if it is in operation, it won’t let unwanted disturbance to the Track (Mind). Sri Krishna tells Arjuna in Bhagavad-Gita that if the journey is abruptly stopped (due to death), the expedition is possible to continue from where it ended in the next life, like wise if the train stops in the intermediate junction there is always possibility to take another compartment to continue the journey from that station.

Having said that the track (Mind) that lead us in the journey is important again. Sometimes we have the possibility of two trains run on the same track and collide, lets us not let two Engines (Philosophy) coming for opposite direction on the same Track (Mind). This Train Journey is Bhakti Yoga.

Further for those who are in a hurry there is Magnetic Levitation Train (Karma Yoga) there is no connection with the Train and the Track (Mind) even though there is Track signifying Non-Doership. Amazingly here also we have Telecommunication Network (Gurus and Scriptures) to guide the Train.

Is it only through a train journey (Bhakti Yoga) or Magnetic Levitation Train (Karma Yoga) that the Jeevatma can experience the ride???

No, not at all, one can take a Flight Journey (Jnana Yoga) also but most amazingly we have Engine (Philosophy) and Air Traffic Control (Gurus and Scriptures) but there is no Track (Mind) and hence no Level Crossings (Indriya-Nigraha) but only Airborne (Consciousness).

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