Thursday, November 15, 2018

1209. Gold and Clay are Same.....!

In a village where the four roads meet there is a sole lamp post that guides the traveller on which way he has to take. A transgressor in the area uses the same light from the street lamp for his crime. The light that has beamed out of the street lamp remains unaffected and unperturbed by all this and just brightens up the zone. Who is using the light for what purpose does not matter much to it. Similarly Brahman too shines within the cave of my heart and it is expected that as an individual I have to engage myself in activities with the inspiration of that Divine illumination within. The kind of activities I get engaged in is purely my choice; I can be a boon or a bane for people around me. 
It implies that Brahman which is Absolute Consciousness, in its untarnished inner most purity and originality is the unaffected non-participant to the activities taken up by me either through my Body or my Mind & Intellect complex. The activity which I undertake can get approval or reproval from others. Irrespective of its outcome the cause of the activity will not and cannot be superimposed on Brahman which is always pure is its essence.

Mandukya Upanishad proclaims “Ayam Atma Brahma” (This Self is Brahman). If we notice in this statement it is in “Passive Voice” signifying that it is the observer who is a separate entity is observing both Atma and Brahman and saying that they both are one. A person standing in front of the ocean and letting the waves touch his feet observes that the wave had its own identity before hitting the sand on the shore and retrieving back. Seeing this he declares that the ocean and wave is one and the same. The individual’s mind trying to understand this Mandukya Upanishad statement could be observing from a witnessing position not related to either Atma or Brahman. If looked on the surface it could to be a perspective contrast with Aham Brahmasmi (I am Brahman), which declares that “I am” an inner experience, rather than from an observing standpoint.

To get to this “Mahavakya (Great Statement), as a seeker I have to sit in the seat of silence and reflect on the inner core of my Swaroopa (Natural State). I should not visualise anything, but allow my awareness to touch the feeling aspect of the centre of my existence. On holding this attention for a few seconds or minutes, I can slowly shift my attention in such a way that I can experience the extensiveness of both Sat (Eternal) and Asat (Ephemeral). Thus it becomes easy for me to realise the oneness that pervades in totality. No longer will the gold and the clay make any hierarchical difference to me. 

Steadily from not having differential attitude towards the material matter, I would have stated to experience that the teeny spark in all of us as Atma (Individual Consciousness) and the Cosmic fire that is Brahman (Absolute Consciousness) is one and the same. Atma as also being within that oneness of Brahman has been realised. This evolution of thought will bring insight and bliss. Internally the words of the Mahavakya, “Ayam Atma Brahma” is resonating within.

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