Wednesday, November 21, 2018

1213. Motivation and Discipline...!

If we wish to purchase a pump for the well we are asked if we need Standard pump or Self-Priming pump. Self-Priming pump is designed to draw water from level below the pump suction without having to fill
the suction piping with water. It accomplishes this by creating a partial vacuum at the pump suction which removes the air from the suction line. Many prefer the Self-Priming one as they need not fill the suction line with water if the foot valve is bad. Also a Self-Priming pump does not need a foot valve.

Just like how a pump which is need to elevate water from one level to another we have our actions to excel us to higher levels. Our action can be propelled by Motivation which is like the Standard Pump that needs external source or by Discipline which is Self-Priming and need no external source to intervene as it is purely internal exercise. It is an erroneous assumption that we need motivation to get into a precise mental or emotional state so that we perform our actions better. If our performance is conditional on feelings, then waiting for the right mood and moment becomes a crafty way to procrastinate. Getting motivated could be one of the ways occasionally but we should not always be dependent on it. 

Many think reading motivational books or attending motivational talks will have an impact on them to perform well; does it really work like that???

The answer is NO.

Books and talks on motivation stimulate the urge to perform. Will that stimulation last long or will it be like the initial fizz of a soda bottle is the question. All that is needed is to work and to work we need to apply our thoughts. Thoughts are many and a cluster of them is called “Mind.” Mind which is either overcrowded with many thoughts or polluted by a few of them will cause hindrance to perform better at work. Discipline begins with the mastery over mind.

Discipline is to perfect the utilisation of time which in turn helps us not only perform our actions punctually but also provide the required time to pursue creative and innovative ideas and activities. Discipline separates external impact on our thoughts and thereby makes them free and fearless. Having a free and fearless thought process is the key to perform a task to its ultimate.

Getting motivated is not a bad thing but motivation without discipline will get us nowhere. If Motivation is energy, then Discipline is to channelize that energy in a proper direction. Discipline is self motivator but Motivation without Discipline is immaterial.

Suppose I have a car and would wish to reach the destination. I start the ignition and fire the engine. If I do not shift gear and press accelerator the car goes nowhere. If firing the engine by turning on the ignition is the Motivation, changing gear and pressing the accelerator is Discipline. Turning the ignition on and off consistently will not get me to the destination.

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