Friday, May 29, 2015

735. How Precious is our Physical Body??????????????

This physical body of mine is one among the three constituents which is required for my existence, the other two being Mind, and Soul. My Physical Body is the vehicle that helps Mind which is the engine reach the destination powered by the fuel called Soul. To have a smooth journey the vehicle should be perfectly serviced. There is no point in immaculately getting the vehicle serviced and parked in the garage. My Physical Body along with my Mind has an important role to play in my life.

The purpose of life is the realization that I am Soul but due to my over identification toward the Physical Body I tend forget my true identity. This is Dehadhyasa. This is the greatest obstacle to Self-Awareness. To get out of this delusion of identifying myself to the Physical Body the Ancient Seers have analyzed the Physical Body systematically to show that I am not the body but identical to the Absolute. The study helps seekers like me to understand that I am different from all these diverse modifications and that I am the eternal witness of all these. 

My Physical Body is the amalgamation of five elements namely Earth (Prithivi), Water (Apah), Fire (Tejas), Air (Vayu) and Ether (Akasha) and has the seven essences (Saptha Dhatu) in it which are Chyle (Rasa), Blood (Asra), Flesh (Mamsa), Fat (Medas), Bone (Asthi), Marrow (Majja) and Semen (Sukla). And it undergoes invariably six changes in Asti (Existence), Jayate (Birth), Vardhate (Growth), Viparinamate (Modify), Apaksheeyate (Decline), Vinashyate (Decay). All these have value only if the Soul resides in it. Once Prana (Vital Breath) is out of this Physical Body it is just a recycle item. All those glorification I do and the praise I get from others is gone.     

In a village there was a rich business couple who had no heir for their property. After many years of yearning for an inheritor, which did not yield result they decided to do some charity and so thought of building houses for the homeless in the village. They identified a place which was out of the village to build houses. After about a year’s time the houses were ready and they distributed the keys to the homeless, in their deed the whole village had a shelter to sleep at night.

Years rolled by and one day the rich man died. The whole of the village was in grief. People from the other villages started to pour in to pay homage to the great man. The head of the village decided to cremate the rich man with full honors in the burial ground which was outside the village in the evening. The body of the rich man was carried in a palanquin to the burial ground. Ironically when the procession was near the set of houses the rich man donated the sky opened up and it started to rain heavily and the palanquin bearers were not able to move any further. They decided to rest the palanquin until the rain stops in the veranda of a house. The village head went to a house and knocked at the door and an old woman came out. The village head put out the intentions, the old woman said it was not possible to let the dead body into the veranda of the house.

Without any other options the procession went on. After the procession left for about ten minutes, a man from next village came running and asked the old woman standing outside about the funeral procession. The old woman said the funeral procession was on its way and if he goes fast he can catch up with them. The road was slurry with rain water and he was unable to go fast. The man request the old women that he would leave his slippers in the veranda so that he can reach the funeral bare foot early. The old woman tells the man, “Don’t leave your footwear in the veranda somebody may steal them put it inside the house behind the door.”   

A pair of footwear of a person who has life is more worth in this world than a lifeless body………………. And we have people adoring their bodies and have heard of celebrities insuring their bodies and its parts feeling very proud of them!!!!!!

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