Sunday, October 8, 2017

1105. Karva Chauth.....

Only if the husband is also willing to fast for the wellbeing of the wife, should the wife observe Karva Chauth” wrote an English newspaper a few years back. The writer could be talking about the reciprocation between husband and wife. In that sense it is very much necessary for both to have a good mutual understanding. 

The mutual understanding which do not let either if them go past the other. When the marriage is solemnized the mantra which the output utters also mean the same “Dharmecha Arthecha Kamecha Naathicharami“. (I promise stand with you in Dharma, Artha and Kama, will never outdistance you).

This mantra is not mentioning about the kind of duty but it is relating to the responsibility in carrying out the duty. If the husband is working outside as professional even so is the wife doing her duty professionally inside the home. We should not be amazed even if the roles of the husband and wife interchange.

If a husband gets up from sleep in the morning and wife provides him hot streaming coffee it should show her Love towards him. If she happens to question herself if she is a slave, then the relationship they hold get murky. Likewise the husband too should acknowledge the love and affection she is showering in him instead of merely considering her to have come to do the chores at the home.

Husband and wife have to make the home the best place to live. It happens only if they mutually consider themselves as King and Queen, not a slave and master.
In “Peddarayudu” a telugu movies there is a dialogue which goes thus- “The relationship between wife and husband should be like a fish and water but not fish and fisherman”.

Karva Chauth is one ritual which bonds the relationship be it wife taking up fasting for the wellbeing of her husband or the husband reciprocating to the wife with love.

May this Karva Chauth bring the husband and wife closer and closer than before.

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