Sunday, October 22, 2017

1113. Real Tipu.....please stand up!!!

History sometimes becomes ambiguous due to the fact that the interpretation of those who have seen the event would have recorded it according to their perception. Though the historical events articulated as stories of many Kings do not alter much, there was one ruler in Deccan who was hated in one region and had earned respect in the other.   

Tipu Sultan is hated in the Malabar and Kodagu region while in Mysore region he had earned respect, though he was not revered or adored.

Hyder Ali, father of Tipu captured the throne of Mysore in a treacherous way from Immadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar. His queen Lakshmi Ammani Devi constantly made efforts to restore and started negotiation with the British. Enemy’s enemy is a friend they say. The then Pradhan of Wodeyar, Tirumala Iyengar helped her and hence Hyder Ali imprisoned of relatives of Tirumala Iyengar who were called Mandyam Iyengars who lived near Melkote.

When Tipu came to know about Tirumala Iyengar talking to British, Tipu decided to massacre the Iyengars who were living in Melkote on Naraka Chaturdashi day. When all Mandyam Iyengars were immersed in Deepavali celebrations, Tipu’s men entered Melkote and massacred at least 800 people including women and children. Then on Naraka Chaturdashi became a black day in the history those survivors of Mandyam Iyengars belonging to Bharadwaja gothra. 

Some feel that Tipu fought against British and brand him a freedom fighter. This is not true he was surely an ambitious ruler who aimed at becoming Emperor of India which prompted him to convert Hindus to Islam religion.

Further we come to hear that he donated a lot to a Hindu temple. As I understand the history of Tipu, he had Purnaiah, a Brahmin as his dewan who advised him to take refuge in Sri Srikanteshwara Swamy at Nanjangudu when Tipu was facing hardship in this fag end days.

Once the favourite elephant of Tipu took ill and lost its sight, Tipu prayed to the presiding Deity and the elephant got back sight. Overwhelmed by the grace of the Deity, Tipu consecrated a Pachche (emerald) Linga adored it with Makara Kanti Hara. 
Tipu was never tolerant towards Hindus the circumstances made him revere the Deity at Nanjangudu nothing more. He is known for his atrocities in attacking temples in Kerala, the famous Guruvayur temple being one of them.

Ironically the descendents of Tipu are rickshaw pullers and daily wage works in Kolkata while my state  Government is planning to spend crores on Tipu Jayanthi celebrations.

Appeasement at the highest.....what say???

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