Friday, October 27, 2017

1116. A Simhavalokana on my Birthday!!!

A lion after strolling a distance looks back to examine where it is and what is around. This gesture by the lion is termed Simhavalokana. I think birthday is the juncture to look back in to what happened in life. Looking back would provide an opportunity to offer gratitude on this day to all those who travelled alongside in this journey of life.

I do take this opportunity to acknowledge my parents, the role they have played in making me the person I am today. As always I remember them as they brought me into this world. They are the loveliest people in my life. It might be an exaggeration for me to say so, but I also believe that everyone is provided with loveliest parents by God. The word “loveliest” according to me is because my parents were both strict and lenient according to the situation. This is what both my Nana and my Amma have done for us (me & my sister), really going out of their way to keep us comfortable and at the same time whenever they felt we need to learn a few lessons of life they have reprimanded us without hesitation of any sort. Thus they always encouraged, inspired, guided and also rebuked me so that I do better in life.

I am thankful for inheriting certain traits from my Nana like, being very open, frank, to stand up and voice for whatever is right, the never to give up in any kind of situation, the ability to laugh at myself, to forget all the disappointments and only think of the positives in my life, to always have a natural smile. His simplicity, value for money, has really rubbed itself on me too. It was my blessings that he made me understand at a very young age in my life that “Money does not grow on trees” and “Money need to be prised but not given prominence”.

My Amma carried me for nine months before giving birth to me, and took such good care of me later till she left us. With her health issues she was able to mould me and teach me a bit of cooking which came handy in the later days of my life. I still remember how she would play the role of a mediator and calm the nerves of my Nana when I had been mischief beyond barriers. One shortcoming though in my life is that I was not able to nurture my mother with the money I earned as an individual. I lost her when I had just entered into my professional college. She ingrained in me the approach to endure the hardship in life rather than to find means to escape them to my convenience.

I think there is a reason why all these loveliest beings were and are still a part of my life, and I thank my stars for given them as my parents and making my life so meaningful and wonderful.

I would like to specially thank my Akka who filled the place of my Amma in her absence, nurturing me, advising me, encouraging me, and inspiring in ways I cannot even imagine.

Then I have all my friends who were, are and will be with me forever.

I felt like acknowledging all those good people who brought in all good things into my life. it was the best way to make this 50th birthday of mine more meaningful......

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