Monday, October 16, 2017

1111. Miracle at the Sanctum....!

This temple is opened only for a few days in a year during the Hindu lunar calendar month of Ashwija. The temple will be opened on Ashwija Bahula  Ashtami (Today) and is closed a day after Balipadyami in Karthika. The devotees will have the opportunity to have the darshana of the deity only for eight days, excluding the first and the last days. The temple is in Hassana District Karnataka. The diety here is Hassanambha. The original name was Simhassanambha which later on became Hassanambha. The place also which should have been Simhassana became Hassana.

The Sthalapurana (Legend of the place) says that once Saptamatrikas (Brahmi, Maheshwari, Kaumari, Vaishnavi, Varahi, Indrani and Chamundi) came to south of India they were taken aback by the beauty of Malnadu and decided to make it their home forever. Thus all the eight deities settled at this place. Maheshwari, Kaumari, and Vyshnavi took residence in the three anthills inside the sanctum; Brahmi in Hosakote (Fort) nearby; while Indrani, Varahi and Chamundi chose the three wells in Devigere (Pond).

The uniqueness of this temple is that the Nandaa Deepa (a ghee lit lamp) which is lit at the time of closing the tenple burns through out the year, with the ghee never depleting. Also the Anna naivedya (rice offering) made at the time of closing the tenple stays warm and unspoiled when the door is open again, a year later.

The temple is closed by building a wall at the entrance of the sanctum using bricks and cement mortar only to be demolished after an year.

In our science class we have studied that for a lamp to stay burning supply of air is necessary and flames get doused in vacuum. For the edible item to remain fresh for longer period it is necessary for us to create vacuum by siphoning air out of its container.

Here at this temple lamp burns because of the air within the sanctum and yet the rice offering made is not turned stale due to the presence of air. Some things happen beyond the explanation of science and that is what we are unable to comprehend.

The temple is Hasanamba Temple at Hassan district, Karnataka. Hassan is 183 Kms from Bengaluru. The Hasanamba Temple houses the presiding deity of Hassan, Goddess Hasanamba. She has been given that name as she is perceived to be ever smiling, bestowing all riches on her devotees. The town too, derives its name from her. Earlier it was called Simhasanapuri, however, after the Goddess Hasanamba started residing here, it was renamed Hasana (Hassan).

Yesterday we had been to have the darshana of the deity and the ever burning lamp.

Jai Hasanamba!

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