Tuesday, October 24, 2017

1114. Ego and Self-Respect...!

Sri Krishna assures Arjuna that “Whenever there is a decline in Dharma (Virtuous), and a rise in Adharma (Vicious), then do I manifest myself, O Bhaarata”.

Sri Krishna says he will uphold Dharma as well as vanquish Adharma. How will he do the dual act??? The individual who is on the path of Dharma could be pulled towards Adharma. The main reason could be when he confuses Ahankara (Ego) with Swabhimana (Self-Respect). The distinctive vision with His grace tells us that Swabhimana (Self-Respect) always drives an individual to thrive for self-satisfaction and with Ahamkara (Ego) the individual always look for means to manipulate or exploit to self-absorption. One may ask Swabhimana turn out to be Ahankara???

Swabhimana and Ahankara are two different traits which need to be addressed differently. By puffing up Swabhimana one can cross the line and enter into Ahamkara realm. At the same time while taming the Ahankara one may crush the Swabhimana. How can we bring in the balance???

When I watch Sri Krishna as Bala Gopala doing Kaalinga Narthana (Dance on the Snake Hood), I get to understand how to strike the balance. River Yamuna was poisoned by Kaalinga the giant snake and the cattle that drank its water attained instantaneous death. On being apprised of their plight little Krishna came to the spot and jumped on the hoods of Kaalinga and stated dancing on its hood. He held the tail of that massive in one of his tiny left hands and in his right he assured Abhaya (Fearlessness). Astonishingly as his delicate feet stamped on one hood the other raised, in all that enormous snake had six hoods. The Ahamkara is so it manifests as Arishadvargas (Six Passions of Mind) namely Kama (Desire), Krodha (Anger), Lobha (Greed). Moha (Attachment), Mada (Pride) and Matsarya (Envy). When one is kept under control the other springs out.  

Sri Krishna is seen stumping the hood which represents Ahamkara and at the same time He is holding its tail high which is its Swabhimana. He is punishing the head which had spit the venom into the Yamuna and is caressing the tail. This is His dual act at the same time.       

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