Tuesday, January 1, 2019

1225. Liberal and Conservatives….!

I feel sorry for those who brand Sanatana Dharma, the “way of living” as “Conservatism” (Sampradayavad). Those who think so and conclude it to be so do not know this way of living at all. Firstly this is the only “way of living” that is based on the concept of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” (Universal Brotherhood). Sanatana Dharma never advocates the mind to adore a particular deity instead it values the intensity in devotion. Evolution of the mind from mundane to mysticism is more relevant than the dogmas and doctrines one adheres to.

In fact it is only in this “way of living” that commentaries/interpretations of religious texts are allowed and hence we have many versions of Brahma-Sutras, Upanishads and Bhagavad-Gita. Amazingly not just reading of the different versions but a seeker can interpret his version of the scripture and get it published. It is so ridiculous that with so much of autonomy in knowing a scripture and letting to express it, this “way of living” is branded as Sampradayavadi.

A seeker evolves through his quest for knowledge. This “way of living” has let the seeker to polish his thought process by constantly reviving the subject matter with debate and discussion. “Vaade Vaade Jayathe Tattvabhoda” (Debate and discussion brings forth understanding of Principles) says an ancient Sanskrit dictum from Narada Purana. It was emphasised that the conclusion so arrived while debating has to have scientific orientation. This resulted in many of the modern scientific discoveries already being a part of this “way of living”. And yet this “way of living” is branded as Sampradayavadi.

Sri Krishna in Bhagavad-Gita told Arjuna “Sambhavami Yuge Yuge” (Incarnate millennium after millennium). Sri Krishna promises to return back in order to establish Dharma. This show that Sri Krishna knew that that in future generations the individual’s Vasanas (Tendencies), Samskaras (Impressions), Anushasana (Regimentation) and Parisara (Environment) determine the capabilities to convert knowledge into wisdom. If the acquired knowledge is not channelized in the right path instead of yielding wisdom it sprouts Kuhaka Buddhi (Perverted Intelligence). Kuhaka Buddhi does not allow the individual to differentiate between Dharma and Adhrama, making him think he knows all. They are called “Liberals”.

Even Sri Krishna cannot transform a pervert unless; he himself is willing for a change over. Duryodhana knew about Dharma yet was unable to practice and he accepted that before Sri Krishna. The only difference is that in Dvapara there were only a few perverts and compare to this eon. There are more smart individuals now who have their minds running all the time, that’s why I think they come up with new ideas or curiosity to explore perversions, and the more they create or the more they explore the more they want to see and experience. Also, many of them never get to actually make real their perversions, but fantasies crop up through their minds from time to time. Perversions are extensions of intellectual boredom and a restless mind. 

A pervert tend to be more bored and restless but have the creativity to cling to aberrations in a way that would almost make them behave like a sociopath.

With no real knowledge on issues, the perverted mind starts calling others who are a bit more knowledgeable as “Sampradayavadis.”  

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