Monday, January 28, 2019

1236. Migratory Bird better than Origami Bird....!

In the Joseph Vijayan movie “Kaththi” a village girl asks, “Anna, Communism na enna? Ore vari la puriyara maari sollu?” (Brother, what is Communism? help me understand in one line, in simple language). Our hero thinks for a while pulls his lower lip and replies, “Naama pasi theendhathuku apram saapadra adutha idly inoruthavangalda ma (The next Idly which you eat after your hunger is satisfied, belongs to another person.). Dramatically a wow dialogue everyone in the theatre was as impressed as I was.   

Idly for all is very good but how to know if the hunger of the person having idly is satisfied. If we try to grab from him, are we not leaving him also hungry. And for some hunger can never be satisfied. Communism is excellent if there is no quarrel

Communists here in my country are a confused lot, in urban region they fight against price hike on agricultural produce and in rural region they voice for farmers right to get good price. How can farmers get good price when their agricultural products are sold at low price??? Same with teachers’ salaries and high fees structure in schools.  

In Kudankulam two 1,000 MW pressurised water reactor (PWR) units based on Russian technology was built by Russia’s Atomstroyexport Company. Most political parties and a group general public protested against the nuclear power plant, thinking it may have an adverse effect on them. But Communist party remain to be silent as the project was built with the help of communist Russia, they didn’t involve in any agitation against government. A Russian project is welcome, if it was built by USA, a huge PROTEST!!!

The Mullai Periyar Dam issue is unsolvable. You know, why??? Kerala has two coalition fronts: the Communist Party of India (Marxist) led Left Democratic Front (LDF) and the Indian National Congress led United Democratic Front (UDF). Electorate in Kerala are so magnanimous that they elect alternatively either LDF or UDF. Whom-so-ever forms the government in Kerala, the conflict over Mullai Periyar issue remains unchanged. CPI (M) in Tamil Nadu will raise their voice in support of Mullai Periyar issue, when UDF is in power in Kerala and will remain quite if LDF is in power.

“Bharat tere tukde tukde honge, Inshaallah Inshaallah (India will break to pieces, God willing God willing)” anyone or any group shouting such slogans need to be arrested on the charges of anti-national activities. The irony is that the event to shout such slogans were organised by students at JNU who are influenced by Communism. The Communist parties who are elected by public supported the event and are trying to defend those anti-nationals. Communist party protested stating that it is against freedom of speech and expression. Since when did shouting anti-national slogans become freedom of expression???

Communist parties CPI, CPI (Marxist), CPI (Maoist), Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist), Marxist Communist Party of India (United), Revolutionary Marxist Party (RMP) do not have a clear and common agenda. Some are Socialist, some are Maoists and some support Naxalism. They cannot survive without alliance and they do not clearly know the agenda of those with whom they are aligned with. They are interested in forming alliance with the party which offers higher number of seats both in State as well as central without considering the ideology of the alliance party.

Even a migratory bird if it does good, it has to be welcome that is our culture. Just being a paper bird or a plastic bird is of no use……Migratory bird has life in it and zeal in it.

Come on Kerala better to have a lively Bird than a lifeless one….!  Bring the Change....!

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