Wednesday, January 16, 2019

1230. Ever thought about thought???

Thought is the blueprint of word and action. From smiling to frowning at someone it is first manifested as thought. There is nothing that can happen without getting out of thought.

We have heard many say, “I did it without thinking.” There is nothing that happens without the though process getting involved. Astonishingly sleep is also a by-product of thinking, if not overthinking. Yes, I agree that there is “overthinking” but my kind of thinking is not overthinking it is deep thinking. We can only think about one thing when we are thinking in depth; new layers can come out on the surface as we proceed into the process for a significant amount of time. 

Overthinking is a result of lack of understanding and absolute chaos and confusion in our psychological world. You will end up thinking a lot, making a lot of calculations, contemplating about your professional as well as personal life and so on. Your mind will be running in all directions. At last you will end up in a state of more confusion and gloom. This is the reason why it is said “overthinking kills your happiness”.

Deep thinking it is when the thinking process is stuck with an idea or a decision and is unable to get away from it. Many a times I am in such a situation and people who care a lot for me say “do not think too much.” I must confess that in many occasions I go deep into thinking as I like to contemplate on each alternative before taking any action. People think too much only when something is important for them.  This causes mind to analyse everything as a scientist does, you will feel clear and less confused even after the multiple suggestions pour in. Thus, deep thinking calms down your mind, or you can also say that only a peaceful mind is capable of deep thinking.

In a way taking time to think allows me to delay the action when my mind is clouded. I would like to state that I have never given a thought more depth when it comes to assuring the legitimacy of the decision I take. Thinking is a way to avoid impulsive decisions. The present action we perform could be based on a thought which has related the situation to the past so that the future is not hampered. A few situations may have happened in the past and to avoid a similar type of situation is the present action a thought becomes relevant. When someone says, “I want to be cautious this time” then it is the reflection of thinking, isn’t???
No human can say that he was thoughtless even for a moment. Meditation also is to curb the flip flop of the thought process by handing over one particular thought like observing breath or set concentrate between the eyebrows or just chant a Bija mantra.

Thoughts not only define but actually create “reality”. When we are concentrated about one particular work or thing, we become unconscious about the things even beside us.

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