Monday, September 1, 2014

544. Get rid of Ignorance, Fear and Desire to be at Peace always!

A businessman living in Delhi calls up his friend in Bangalore to fix an appointment with a famous astrologer. His profit graph in his business was declining year after year he and his family had lost peace of mind. He had approached numerous astrologers thought out the country. He had tried all the remedies told by them but yet there was no respite. At last he was told about a famous astrologer who appeared on the regional television channel giving tips and remedies in Bangalore so he thought of approaching him.         

This is how the conversation between the two close friends went on:

Vivek Verma (V.V): Narayana, could you fix an appointment with Vashikaran Vignani Vasant Baba. I want to meet him.

Narayana Char (N C): Vivek, why what is the problem?

V. V: Narayana nothing seems to be going right for me.

N.C: Are you facing any problem in your business?

V.V: Yes, I do not know off late why my business is having a down slide in spite of the entire infrastructure and work force we are having. It has become a bit of concern to me, somehow I and my family have lost peace of mind. Last year we had visited Maa Vaishno Devi Mandir on the advice of an astrologer here and for some days everything seems to be going fine but now again we are facing problems.

N.C: Vivek if you have paid a visit to Maa Vaishno Devi and sought Her blessings, I think your problem will be solved leave it to Her, She will take care.   

V.V: No Narayana, I have heard about the Guruji in Bangalore I am sure he has some remedy.

N.C: Vivek, you are educated and knowledgeable try to perceive things as they are. You are not ignorant enough to say that by approaching certain person your problems will be solved.

V.V: Don’t you believe in that great astrologer whom so many approach by taking appointments then? Will he not have a solution for my problem?

N.C: No, Vivek I am not saying that that he will not be able to solve your problem, I am rather suggesting you to start searching for the Truth. The Truth is that many things are pre-determined and it has to take its course of action. This is Knowledge and it drives away your ignorance pertaining to your belief that some person holds the keys for your happiness.

V.V: Ok, but with this knowledge also there are many who are going to the astrologers for remedies why so?

N.C: Vivek Bhai, it is fear that makes even those who know that everything is pre-determined become ignorant and fear is a thought that appears when we think something unpleasant might happen or might have happened. Fear is due to insecurity feel which is due to lack of self confidence.

V.V: What should I fear for??? you sound ridiculous Narayana!

N.C: Fear does not mean fear for ghosts or spirits Vivek, your fear is due to your desire. Desire and fear are emotions implied upon the future. Desire makes you expect more and more profit in business once your goal is reached, fear engross you not to lose the profit and this brings unhappiness or induce pain in you when you are expecting something bad might happen which might create a situation of losing your profits.

V.V: Narayana you are confusing me….

N.C: Hold on, I'll explain just recall your experience when you might have had while getting a contract for your business. You want that contract very badly. Since it is a desire to get the contract there is an iota of fear that you might not get it also. The result is you had anxious moments Right? While achieving the contract was a desire, if at all if you had not succeeded then failing to achieve it would be a fear. Subsequently the catch is that once there is a desire, you run after it with the fear that you may not get it. Yet if you do succeed there is a fear you might lose it. Hopelessly it is always future oriented living that you got involved in. The mind is either projects about the future or remembers the past memories. 

V.V: Narayana, I will be able to understand if you could tell me clearly.

N.C: Desire and fear are thoughts that are created by your mind. If desire is a thought that tells you that by achieving something you will be better off, it is the fear that anticipates a possible harm that may come from losing it. These two are the offspring of insecurity and uncertainty. Problem starts when you identify your self with your desires and fears. Learn to accept what ever come just by putting all your faith on Maa Vaishno Devi. Understand that they are mere thoughts. Try to follow your desires without fear, and confront your fears without running away from them. When you follow your desire they appear and if you confront fear they vanish.

V.V: Good, then do you think astrologers and astrology has no meaning?

N.C: No, Vivek knowledge as I say is not accessed overnight and until one has this knowledge he needs some sort of solace from the tiring ups and downs of life. Astrologer does the job of specifying the person with a remedy as he very well knows “Nature, Time and Patience are the three best healers known to mankind”.

Vivek Verma took some time to think over what his friend had told and as time passed he was a seasoned matured individual....... Nature, Time and Patience at work......Right????? 

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  1. I wrote a post about how destructive desiring can be, someone got back to me and asked"how could it be destructive to desire to improve on yourself, to better yourself?"

    My reply,"You are desiring to be better instead of accepting to be better, there is a huge difference. First of all you have judged yourself destructively in desiring to be a better person than you are and secondly, you are only desiring not accepting. Accepting to be a better person is non-judgmental and constructive."

    The post by the way didn't go down well.....people think they have to desire to achieve!!