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566. Even a Leaf, Flower, Fruit OR Water is OK to HIM.........

The efforts of all the members of the royal family to put some sense into Duryodhana was futile. The war was inevitable and it was Lord Krishna who took the initiative to go to Dhritharastra as an ambassador to Pandavas so that the inevitable war can be stopped. 

As it was against Dharma for a negotiator to stay in the place of either party, Lord Krishna went to Vidura’s place, Vidhura was neural he did not take sides of either Pandavas or Kavravas. When Lord arrived at Vidura' place, Vidhura had left his house and his wife was present. On seeing Krishna, she was very happy and her joy knew no bounds. She was so spellbound that she did not know what was happening. She welcomed him with respect. Krishna waited for Vidura. Vidura's wife seeing Krishna sitting in her house was lost in thoughts. She didn't know what to do. She offered him bananas. In total joy, she peeled the banana, gave the pealed skin to Krishna and threw the fruit down. Without knowing what she was doing she offered to Him and without any objections He happily ate all the banana peels she offered. 

This is a perfect example to show how devotion can make a person get lost in ecstasy and also how He values the love shown to Him by His devotees. He never minds what is given to Him by His devotees what is more important to Him is their love for Him. He values only the devotion shown to Him because He is Bhaktavatsala, the devotee is very dear to Him than anything else. 

Jagath Jyothi Basaveshwara, the philosopher and social reformer of 12th century says thus: 

People who have money build temples, 
What can I, a poor man, do? 
My legs are pillars; 
My body itself is a shrine, 
My head is the golden pinnacle, 
Please listen O, Kudalasangama Deva. 

In fact this is the height of devotion, the ability to present self to the deity. We have seen so much of pomp and show behind the rituals done in the temples. Are they really necessary??? No, He never ever advocated the need of pomp and show but those are done for the visual satisfaction of the mere mortals that we are. We have to remember that He has accepted a brick from His devotee to stand on and became Vittala. 

Lord Krishna tells in the Bhagavad-Gita Chapter 9, verses 26- “Whoever offers me with devotion a leaf, flower, a fruit, or water, I accept that devout gift of the pure minded.” Krishna has referred to Patram, Pushpam, Phalam, Thoyam (Leaf, Fruit, Flower, Water) that can be made as an offering. He says He is pleased with any of these provided it is offered with sincere devotion. 

Here Patram does not necessarily mean the leaf that grows on the plant that we see around. The perennial meaning is that our body itself is the leaf “Tanu Patram”. Pushpam is again not that which is bloomed in a creeper but it is the flower of our heart, “Hridhaya Pushpam”. Phalam is not the ordinary fruit but “Mano Phalam” the fruit of Mind. Thoyam means not the water from a river, well or lake. It refers to the Tears of Ecstasy “Ananda Bashpa” that flows out from a heart that is sincere and submitted.

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